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Creature Tanning Info
Creature information
Group Type I Insect
Group Type II Lepidoptera
Aggressive No
Pursues No
Special Harvest None
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Creature information
Skin Type N/A
Size N/A
Weight (fresh) N/A
Weight (tanned) N/A


Adjectives (i.e., "green" or "fluffy") not included

  • Moth


--Cities and Towns--

  • None


  • Sto Plains - Cabbage Fields, Grasslands


Descriptions are example(s) from a single individual. Variations may be numerous, and dependent upon species, gender, age, location, and other variables.

Moth [Leopard/Giant Leopard]

This large moth is nearly three inches across, its wings mottled black and white. It looks very little like a leopard, but its former name, the "mottled mime", fell out of favour shortly after Lord Vetinari came to power.

  • Alignment: Neutral


  • None

Special Notes

  • Moths on the Sto Plains are found in groups with butterflies. Group size may be 1 to 17 individuals.


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