Monsieur Leverett

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Monsieur Leverett is a custom tailor who operates out of the upstairs room in the Temple of Gapp on Darling Road in Genua


You can order a vestment, a surplice, a cassock, a robe or a kesa.


There are several available fabrics

terry cloth   gabardine   chenille    corduroy    cashmere    hessian    batiste       
taffeta       leather     brocade     organza     flannel     organdy    angora
cotton        velvet      linen       tweed       crepe       twill      satin
voile         lace        silk        felt        wool


You may choose from the following:

bright yellow  bright purple   emerald green   bright orange   midnight blue
bright white   bright green    forest green    light orange    light yellow
lemon yellow   light purple    olive green     dark orange     dark yellow
light green    bright blue     light brown     bright pink     dark purple
lime green     dark green      light pink      dark brown      light grey
light blue     vermillion      aquamarine      chartreuse      bright red
turquoise      dark blue       dark pink       navy blue       sea green
dark grey      off-white       blood red       light red       cerulean
dark red       lavender        apricot         fuchsia         scarlet
crimson        magenta         sienna          purple          indigo
violet         maroon          undyed          yellow          cerise
orange         silver          copper          bronze          azure
black          brown           green           peach           ivory
khaki          cream           beige           white           teal
grey           puce            cyan            plum            bone
blue           gold            pink            jade            red


You can ask that the garment be thicker, thinner, or default.


You may choose from the following:

balls of fluff
vulture heads


You may choose from the following:

tasselled belt  platinum belt  spiked chain  copper belt
silver belt     bronze belt    thick belt    rope belt
thin belt       gold belt      chain         none



bone leather vestment.  
It will look like this: 
A long, flowing priest vestment made from the finest leather which has been dyed a beautiful bone.

crimson linen cassock.
It will look like this:
A long, flowing priest cassock made from the finest thick linen which has been dyed a beautiful crimson.  Hands have been thickly embroidered all over the linen.  A spiked chain loops around the waist, tying together in a knot at the front of the cassock.

(To be added on further research)