Miss Pennie Laced

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This page is about a source of missions / jobs.

Miss Pennie Laced is a young woman who wanders through the streets of Ohulan-Cutash. She is definitely not a witch, as indicated by the fact that she does not wear a pointy black hat. She reportedly denies avoiding to wear a pointy black hat to avoid suspicions.

Finding something lost

She is forever losing things and despite being hunched from all the staring at the ground she could really use some help finding some of the stuff she lost.

  • You can offer "help" after which you'll have 30 minutes (real time) to find the object she specifies.
  • To find the item you need to "search for <item>" in an outdoor room several times until it says it's definitely not there. Then you can try another room until you find it. This will probably take around 4 rooms.
  • Once you find the item you have 60 minutes to find Miss Pennie Laced and give her the item to get your experience and money rewards.


You can expect to receive something like 24000 experience points and given 2 Lancre crowns and 10 Lancre shillings.

Bothering Miss Pennie Laced

It does not seem possible to attack Miss Pennie Laced by either physical nor magical means. If you do try to attack her, you will be punished for a short time by "aimlessly wandering". The wandering lasts for several minutes.

Attack attempt message:

As you move to attack Miss Pennie Laced, she looks up at you with the saddest eyes you've ever seen.  In that brief moment, you come to understand her better.

Wandering message:

You look around in confusion, looking for something you're sure you misplaced, before deciding it's not here and wander off to look for it somewhere else.

Similarly, a player cannot snatch items from Miss Pennie Laced.

Attempts to inconvenience this NPC will not trigger any of Ohulan-Cutash's normal punishments for crime.

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