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All players can learn to summon minions to do their bidding. Minions are typically used by Priests, Witches and Wizards. Assassins, Thieves and Warriors can summon minions with the correct scroll or faith rod.

Priest minions

Minions attained through the rituals Totem, Dust Devil, Creeping Doom, and Unquiet Spirit share various features:

  • They assist in combat.
  • They can be commanded with "order" or with "ask".
  • You can refer to a specific person's minions, including your own, by putting that person's name in front of the name of the minion. So: "order [your name here] devil to leave". You can also refer to multiple types at once with "minions".
  • They will refuse to attack priests and followers of the same deity as the performer. If forced--in other words, if you attack or are attacked by a priest or follower of the same deity--they will disappear a second or two after entering combat. (The exception is when minions turn on their summoners.)
  • If you order one to attack an npc, the npc will notice and attack you.
  • They will all disappear after enough time has passed, although the amount of time varies according to type of minion. They can also be ordered to leave before that time, and they will disappear if killed or if you log out.

Feeding minions

Dust devils, creeping dooms, and totems can all be fed gp to potentially make them last longer. You can only feed minions you are controlling in this way.

Forms of syntax available for the command 'feed':
feed <positive number> {gp|gps|guild points} [to] <minion> 
feed <minion> fully 

The minimum amount you can feed them seems to be 20 gp--however, feeding them small amounts of gp at once (such as 50) seems to be counterproductive, making them disappear sooner.

There is a faith.rituals.special skillcheck involved. Failing the check can make the minion disappear:

feed minion fully
You concentrate on the misty woman, but feel your energy dissipate into the aether.
The misty woman dissipates into the air.

It appears to be more difficult to feed them more gp at once.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

While results are variable, feeding them more gp at once seems to give more of an extension to duration. It seems to work better on dust devils than on totems.

Controlling multiple minions

Controlling a minion or multiple minions gives you a penalty on other rituals. In particular, controlling a minion makes it more difficult to summon more minions.

If you try to summon a minion when already controlling one or more, you may lose control of existing ones, causing them to disappear (and in the case of dooms and spectres, attack you and possibly also your pets before fleeing).

Controlling minions also raises the gp cost to summon more. It seems to add half the cost of the ritual (as performed while controlling no minions) for each minion you're controlling. So, for example:

  • Performing Totem with no minions costs 40 gp.
  • Performing Totem with one existing minion costs 60 gp.
  • Performing Totem with two existing minions costs 80 gp.
  • Performing Totem with three existing minions costs 100 gp.
  • Performing Dust Devil with no minions costs 50 gp.
  • Performing Dust Devil with one existing minion costs 75 gp.
  • Performing Dust Devil with two existing minions costs 100 gp.
  • Performing Dust Devil with three existing minions costs 125 gp.

And so on. This appears to be true regardless of the type of minions you're already controlling.