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Some of the fun things you can do within the Mud.

Genuan Families - The Coffee Nostra

There are three Coffee Nostra families.

  • Corolla, in the Stables.
  • Gumboni, in the Casino.
  • Couer Lion, in the Pizzeria.

Families assign missions. You must be in good standing with a family to join it.

Kefka Posted:

The Coffee Nostra system is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with the "getting them to like you enough to let you join" question being the biggest one that tends to stump people as far as I can tell.

From my investigations, discussions, bug replies, etc, here are the few bits of info I'm relatively sure about:

* Killing the important members of a family makes them all dislike you, but killing the nameless goons is fine (and may indeed help) - this is to discourage killing the important members who are needed to interact with the family system.

* You can raise your rep with the Corolla family (in the used horse yard) by winning matches in the fight club in the sewers.

* I suspect you may be able to raise your rep with the Gumbonis (casino) by doing things at the racetrack or casino... I'm not sure if winning money or losing it would make them like you... or if it has any impact.

* There is (or was - may have been changed) no lower limit to your reputation with families. So if you have hunted family areas and killed the important members repeatedly in the past, you may as well give up until a cre has time to poke things, since your rep is probably well beyond reasonable recovery.

Grimrak commented that "If you kill any family's Consigliere, you will annoy every family."

Agatean Families

There are five principle Agatean families.

  • Fang
  • Hong
  • McSweeney
  • Sung
  • Tang

Families assign missions. You must be in good standing with a family to join it. Some families have additional requirements, such as an Agatean birth certificate or skills.

You may be able to improve your standing with a family by killing their enemies (which can be found out by "check"ing in their library) or by "donate"ing money to them in their finance room (a few hundred rhinu may be required to raise your standing to the point where you can join).

There may be a delay between killing a family's allies or enemies and having their opinion of you change.

Some of the different standings are (incomplete):

  • would happily see you drop dead
  • ?
  • thinks badly of you
  • holds no strong opinions about you
  • thinks well of you
  • likes you
  • likes you a lot (at this point you may join the family)
  • ?
  • considers you a close family friend

These are some of the possible opinions families can have of each other (may not be in order):

  • are officially in a state of full-blown war.
  • are engaging each other in light skirmishes.
  • detest each other.
  • deeply distrust each other.
  • are on poor terms
  • are neutral towards each other.
  • hold a tentative peace agreement
  • are on good terms.
  • are on extremely good terms.
  • have declared themselves an indomitable coalition.

You can find more details here.

CTF Arena

The CTF arena is for team games. NPKs and PKs may play.

CTF Boxes

CTF boxes are for PK games. They can be purchased in Hillshire.

Pub Games

Several pubs in Genua have games machines in them. Darts can be played in several pubs across the disc. The Monks of Cool have a skittle alley.

Board Games, card games and dice games

The Turn off the Crystal Ball shop in Ankh-Morpork in the Isle of Gods sells several board games and similar things. They may be placed as furniture, and so can be found sometimes in player shops or in various other locations around the Disc.

  • ---ing words game
  • Backgammon
  • Battleslugs
  • Boggle
  • Chess
  • Connect Four
  • Hearts
  • Klondike solitaire
  • Liars dice
  • Lost cities
  • Mancala
  • Mastermind
  • Mensa regis
  • Passways
  • Quick categories
  • Scrabble
  • Six nimmt
  • Solitaire peg game

You can also rent scrabble, chess, backgammon, six nimmt, and mastermind games at the pub in the trading post south of the Klatchian Foreign Legion outpost.

The rules and syntaxes for these games can be found in the help files for the boards themselves (so that you can "help scrabble" if you have a Scrabble board, for example).

Publicly accessible games

Chess can be played in the Academy of Artificers garden, at the Traveler's Inn in Ankh-Morpork, and in the Fang Family Estate Entertainment Room in Bes Pelargic.

Exclusive Possession can be played in the Temple of Listening Monks, or in the back room of the Diamond City Property House in Genua.

There is a wargame upstairs in the Genuan barracks.

Go can be played at the Paper Dragon Inn in Bes Pelargic.

Liars Dice can be played at the Sphinx Plucker bar in Djelibeybi.

Scrabble cab be played in the Blackglass Pub, or the Academy of Artificers's first floor lounge.


Pk only? The Rugby pitch is in Lancre, North of Lancre Town and just to the East of the Lancre Pishe Temple.

Player-Shop Games

These may be installed in player shops.

  • Poker Table (small, medium, large)
  • Blackjack Table


NPKs and PKs can play tag.