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So you have played the Discworld MUD for a while, but now you realise that nagging feeling: What do I do here? Why am I here? What is it all about? So here are some hints on what to do and what to aim for...

For most players who stay on the MUD for longer it will not be one of those points, but a combination. And it will probably change with time.

Be good, be better, be the best

This is probably one of the most important aim for many players. Of course there can only be one who is the best (even though it is often not clear who it is). So don't aim to be the best at everything but set yourselve realistic goals.

I know something, you don't know

Making money

Be helpful




There are lots of games on the MUD you can play - Liar's Dice and Exclusive possession to name only two. If you are tired from running around as a mass murderer this might make a nice break from time to time. You can buy portable games from the Turn off the Crystal Ball shop on God's Collar in Ankh-Morpork, and there are stationary games in various locations around the Disc.

There are [several achievements related to games].



Meeting friends

Talker, forums, grouping,...


There are many ways you can contribute to the online community. Make your voice be heard on the talker or in the forums. Write newspaper articles. Make your own internet page with information about the Discworld MUD. Become involved in player councils or guild politics. Become a newbie helper. Become a creator. ...