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Mazda's statue is quite a bit larger than life, and probably wearing a bit less than in life. It has been cast in bronze and sits on a base of marble. The Undying Flame is held proudly in his uplifted fist. The importance of Mazda to the guild is apparent by the hero's dominance in the room, from the stained-glass replica set in the dome to the triumphant statue standing directly beneath it.


Deviously Dexterous - Prove your worth to the thief hero Mazda by offering him A$1000 worth of stolen goods.

Mazda's Blessing

If you fence a stolen item to Mazda, in exchange he will bestow you with +1 Dex for a short amount of time. The item must be expensive and stolen. It seems to be related to your Guild Level.

Mazda's Flame

There is a special task to which you can try to nick Mazda's Flame. This is only available to Thieves, you must have a very high stealing bonus (500+ ?) and a high Guild level (350+?).


You quickly climb the statue of Mazda all the way to the top.  You reach out to grasp the Undying Flame when suddenly it flares up and burns your hand.
You jerk back and lose your footing, falling to the ground with a "thud". 

Note: failure will result in minor damage (9hp).

Finger information

Fingers Mazda.

Once a lowly folk hero for his exploits, such as stealing fire from the gods, Mazda's fame and increased number of worshippers eventually elevated Him to the status of a god.  Although lacking much foresight into practical matters, such as the ability to fence the goods He steals (the stolen fire was too hot to fence), He still serves as the role-model for many aspiring master thieves.  His followers typically show their devotion to Him by stealthily or forcefully depriving others of their shiny belongings, whether they need them or not.

He currently can't be worshipped.