Maurice Trimbleworthy

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Maurice Trimbleworthy makes custom cloaks. He can be found in the Cutangle Inn in Brass Neck.


For materials, you can choose from velvet, wool and silk.


Maurice has a fairly wide range of colours to choose from.

Maurice Trimbleworthy says with a Lancrastian accent: You can choose from the following: fourecksianite purple, malachite green, midnight black, charcoal grey, rose-coloured, diamond white, peridot green, sapphire blue, golden brown, raven black, mossy green, light brown, dark purple, cobalt blue, ultramarine, snow white, aquamarine, slate blue, garnet red, onyx black, dark green, light grey, dark brown, ocean blue, leaf green, smoky grey, stone grey, jet black, icy white, dark grey, dark blue, carnelian, sea green, sky blue, amethyst, ice blue, ruby red, burgundy, crimson, emerald, scarlet, indigo, violet, silver, purple, white, black, brown, green, topaz, blue, grey and red.


There are also several options for decorative embroidery, of which you must choose one.

Maurice Trimbleworthy says with a Lancrastian accent: You can choose from the following: portraits of the seven-plus-one winds, depictions of the Tower of Art, mirrors and crystal balls, hammer and anvil symbols, snowflakes and icicles, ravens and ivy leaves, stylised birch groves, leering demon faces, the five elements, dancing skeletons, battling dragons, stars and moons, lightning bolts, swirling clouds, grinning skulls, ravening demons, crossed wands, flaming eyes, octograms, rabbits, sigils, glyphs and runes.

Decoration colour

You must also choose a type of thread for him to use for the embroidery.

Maurice Trimbleworthy says with a Lancrastian accent: You can choose from the following: rose-coloured silk, golden brown silk, cobalt blue silk, dark green silk, deep grey silk, daffodil silk, amethyst silk, purple silk, black silk, white silk, white gold, rose gold, blue silk, red gold, red silk, copper, silver, bronze and gold.

Wand loops or pockets

You can choose to have wand loops (so that the cloak can sheathe wands), or to have pockets.

With Pockets: It can hold about 2 pounds, or about twenty items.


The end result will look like this:

Long, flowing, and majestic, this cloak envelops the wearer in a swirl of <colour> <material> from shoulders to knees.  A number of <decoration>, done in <type> thread, are scattered across the material, and the tall collar is embroidered with matching sigils of warding and protection.  Just inside the front, four loops hang down, each one the perfect size to hold a wand close to hand.

If you chose pockets instead of wand loops, the final sentence will be missing.

A cloak seems to cost about &&&&&&&&&&+49998 LSov 2|4|11|2 1/2 to &&&&&&&&&&+94998 LSov 4|6|11|8 1/2.