Master Woddeley's Luminescent Companion

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Master Woddeley's Luminescent Companion
Spell information
Nickname mwlc
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Summon a blue light companion.
GP cost 15
Mind space 10
Thaums 2
Components none
Tome Cunjuryng for Begynners

Master Woddeley's Luminescent Companion (nicknamed MWLC) is a miscellaneous wizard spell. It summons a ball of blue light which will follow the caster and allow them to see in a dark area.


This spell costs 15 gp to cast and takes up 10 units of mind space.


Spellcheck results
25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:

Casting messages

You prepare to cast Master Woddeley's Luminescent Companion. 
You gaze off into the distance. 
You hold your hand up in the air and call the light to it. 
You close your fist slowly, drawing the light in with it.
 A small blue light darts into the area and zips around you.
A small blue light darts into the area and hurls itself at your hand, bursting apart in a cloud of smoke!
You cough and gag on the smoke.

Minor damage occurs on a failure. Damage of between 40 and 112 hp has been reported, with tentative average near 100 hp. Research is needed to determine exact damage range.

To others
Master Zaz Zahir gazes off into the distance.
Master Zaz Zahir holds his hand up and waves it around a bit.
Master Zaz Zahir slowly closes his fist.
A small blue light darts into the area and zips around Master Zaz Zahir.


A small blue light follows the caster. You can get rid of it by "shoo"ing it away, or with Duander's Thaumic Luminosity Disperser.

Attacking the lights is not advised.

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