Magpyr Castle

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Warning.png WARNING: Going near the Maypyr Castle, also known as the Dontgonearthe Castle, is very dangerous.

Located between Escrow and the Unnamed Town, this castle and surroundings has many surprising and (deadly) entertaining features, as well as various (deadly) vampires, (deadly) werewolves outside and other fun (deadly) things.

Did we mention going there is (deadly) suicidal?


Surrounded by mountainous terrains that requires climbing in the west, north and east and to the south by a river that can easily sweep you downstream, the castle is not exactly easy to walk up to. The road leading the the castle leads to the river, but it is possible to climb east of the river and come back not too far away to enter the castle are from the east side.

Yetis live the the afore mentioned mountainous terrains and will pursue and attack you on sight. They also have the annoying habit of not being dead just after you kill them.

The grounds

There are several areas of interest outside the castle:

The entrance (and the only hope of mundane escape) of the grounds to the east.
A climbable tree that is host to sighting of rare species
A bush of knock-out roses is west of the courtyard.

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