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Magistrates are people who are citizens of a Player council that have been elected in an election their fellow citizens and that rule on laws in their Player council's territory.


Council elections take place every 5 months and last 10 days (roundworld time).

  • The time between election calls (excluding both election days) is 163 days, which is 5 months 10 days.
  • Candidates need to be citizens of the council, get nominated by another citizen and nominate themselves (to accept).
  • Every citizen can nominate a maximum of seven (7) candidates, so if they wish to run in the election they must keep one nomination for themselves.

Cases & Rules

Magistrates have some special powers to rule on cases within their territory.

  • They can make any decision they wish on a case and the case will be archived for later access.
  • Magistrates can also make new laws for the territory.
  • They can amend current laws and vote on rule changes.
  • Only magistrates can start the process of adding or amending a law.
    • Citizens have the chance to ratify all laws before they become a real law.
  • Cases can be used to grant titles.
  • The jurisdiction of magistrates is only in their own territory.
    • They cannot change rules in other areas or rule on cases brought before magistrates in other territories.

Citizenship Applications

  • Magistrates can approve or deny applications to become a citizen based on the established laws.

Taxes & Treasury

  • Magistrates can set the rental tax that applies to player housing and sales tax that applies to player shops.
  • They can withdraw money from the treasury within set limits.


  • They have access to the Ankh morpork magistrate discussion board.
  • They can send announcements that appear on their council board.
  • They have access to the ankh-morporkcouncilmagistrate talker channel.
  • They can receive inform events like citizenship applications and cases being opened or closed related to their council.


They can obtain the marry and divorce masters commands by asking the secretary in the magistrate office room.

Honour roll

They can collectively add people to the Honour roll for their Player council.

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