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Magic scrolls are pieces of paper that have a spell attached to them. Created by the scribe command, they can be used either to remember or to cast the wizard spell scribed. Both of these uses remove the spell from the paper.

Unlike the hag stones commonly used by witches to store spells, any player with appropriate magical skill may use a scroll to cast the scribed spell.

Spells are dangerous things, and as such, scrolls require some magic skills to control safely.

Casting from scrolls

Determining which spell is inscribed upon a scroll or casting it both require a magic.items.scroll check to be passed, the difficulty of which is dependent on the size of the spell. Otherwise, casting is exactly the same as a wizard casting the same spell, including components and skill difficulties.

Explosions and Escapes

The amount of scrolls that can be held safely depends on the magic.spells.special skill, with the check being the mindspace of the spell times numbers of scrolls held. JPCT and TPA are a special case, with the check for them being (mindspace / 2) * scroll number. It is possible to carry one or two scrolls over the maximum amount for a short period of time. A list of maximum scrolls + 2 for varied skill levels can be found here

A failure causes a scroll escape, which gives an intelligence hit and blindness or hallucinations. The Restore ritual can return your intelligence to normal.

Spells can also escape when you try to remember them from scrolls.

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