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*[[Wungle's Great Sucking]]
*[[Wungle's Great Sucking]]
==Command use==
I thank you hublmy for sharing your wisdom JJWY
The following commands make use of this skill:
*[[Mock]] - Determines the chance of a successful mock (versus the target's [[magic.methods.spiritual.abjuring]] bonus).
*[[Tempt]] - Determines the chance of successfully tempting (versus the target's [[magic.methods.spiritual.abjuring]] bonus).
*[[Hedgehog]] - Pass/fail skillcheck.

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Magic.methods.mental.cursing is the art of cursing others, whether to coerce them into doing your bidding, or to shame them into suffering.

Spell use

The following spells make use of this skill.

Witch spells

Wizard spells

I thank you hublmy for sharing your wisdom JJWY


The following groups have this skill as a primary: