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==Language and currency==
==Language and currency==
The language in Slippery Hollow is [[Morporkian]] (with an Lancrastian accent).  The local currency is [[Money#Lancre_money|Lancre money]].
The language in Mad Wolf is [[Morporkian]] (with an Lancrastian accent).  The local currency is [[Money#Lancre_money|Lancre money]].

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Mad Wolf is a village in the Ramtops.


The village is a cul-de-sac, located east of Creel Springs.

Language and currency

The language in Mad Wolf is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is Lancre money.


Currently no player council governs Mad Wolf.


When coming into town, the main and only road runs in eastern direction and turns north. At this bend a dense forest trail continues south east and east forming a counter-clockwise spiral that ends up at the local pub. The road itself ends at the village green. Some short side-roads lead to cottages and shops.


The Lancre carriage stops near the western entrance.


There are no player houses or player shops in Mad Wolf.

Features of Mad Wolf

Other than the nightly concert of wolves, it seems to be pretty boring in Mad Wolf.


Custom Shops

  • Mad Wolf Furriers (NPC: Stephan) takes orders for custom clothing crafted from a large selection of critter furs.
  • The tussie mussie shop (NPC: Jenny Wren) will take custom orders for your special tussie mussie.

General Shops

  • Mad Wolf Butchers (NPC: butcher) has a small selection of pre-cooked meats. Just don't ask what is in the sausage.
  • Mad Wolf Furriers will buy pelts and furs.
  • The old fashioned sweetie shop (NPC: Mr Looper) carries an array of yummy treats!
  • The tussie mussie shop sells ready-made bouquets for many occasions.
  • A general store - Wolff Enterprises (NPC: Florian Wolff) - is located south of the village entrance.


  • The Hunter's Head is a pub located at the end of the forest path. It has a standard selection of alcoholic drinks, as well as scumble.


Witches' Guild

Wee Flaudia's cottage is located on the portion of main road running north, providing headology related components and facilities.


Unique Wandering NPCs
  • None
General NPCs
  • Children
  • Hunter / Huntress
  • Shepherds
  • Villagers