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===Witches' Guild===
===Witches' Guild===
[[Agnes Nitt's cottage]] is east of Mad Stoat. The custom hat shop may also be of interest.
[[Agnes Nitt's cottage]] is east of Mad Stoat. The [[custom hat]] shop may also be of interest.

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Mad Stoat is a village in the Ramtops.


West of Mad Stoat is Ohulan Cutash, northeast is Brass Neck, and Lancre Town is to the southeast.

Language and currency

The language in Mad Stoat is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is the Lancre crown.


Currently no player council governs Mad Stoat.


From the carriage stop in the center of town, a road with houses along goes southwest, a road goes north out of the village, a road goes north to a couple of shops, and another goes east to the rest of the Lancre Kingdom.


The Lancre carriage and Ramtops carriage both stop here.


All property in Mad Stoat is handled from the real estate stall in Lancre Town.

Player housing

There are a few player houses scattered around the village.


  • On the main road is a furniture shop.
  • On the north road there is a shop selling custom witch hats.
  • Across from the hat shop is a puppet shop.
  • There is a shop selling colorful pots on the northwest road.
  • Further down that road is a vegetable stall.


Thieves' Guild

There's Thieves' Guild outpost under the house on the southwest road. Non-thieves over level 25 will be attacked by rogues.

Witches' Guild

Agnes Nitt's cottage is east of Mad Stoat. The custom hat shop may also be of interest.


Unique NPCs
  • Maggie
General NPCs
  • Children
  • Shepherds
  • Villagers