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Every community has its traditions, The Discworld MUD is no different. In fact there are traditions that broach the whole userbase, players and creators alike, as well as traditions specific to individual subgroups.

Real Life

At least one player's character should be rmplayered by a trustee at each RoundWorld MUDMeet.


All future projects, particularly the ones players are baying for, are to be ready by Thursday. Which particular Thursday is never mentioned until it is in the past and the project is in-game.

Newly recruited creators are usually killed in varied and humorous ways.

Players are not to be killed directly, but simply allowed to kill themselves by making use of your code. Simply making an 'instadeath' thing is no fun, making an 'instadeath' thing and telling the players it's there and letting them kill themselves anyway is fun (c.f. The wall in the netherworld)




Threaten to leave in a drove at the hint of change, but generally stay since it's not so bad after-all once the change happens.


Lawks Dearie!


Laugh at people who get lost in L-space. Continue to point and laugh with increasing hilarity as the lost wizard initially claims they're in the library and not l-space, then refuses to believe "there's no map", and finally demands that someone come and rescue them.




Shearer tossing and nipples. Long-standing rivalry with the Assassins' Guild



Frilly (pink) underwear. Long-standing rivalry with the Thieves' Guild.


Pretend that theirs is a real guild.


Go PK and say that!