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| [[History_-_Opening_of_Ephebe|Ephebe is opened to players]]
| [[History_-_Opening_of_Ephebe|Ephebe is opened to players]]
| {{Domain|Klatch}}
| {{Domain|Klatch}}
| 2021/04/02
| There are now horses that are rideable mounts
| {{Domain|Special}}

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These are the recorded events that can be remembered and dated in Discworld MUD's history. Feel free to add as the dates are surely scattered amongst personal and MUD log files! Anything you think is significant can be an interesting addition, although don't be offended if it ends up disappearing as things get shuffled around - we can't put everything on here, but we can hopefully catch all the really interesting things. Please try and put dates in "Discworld MUD server time when the event happened" rather than the local time-zone in your log file.

Major Game Developments

When did an area begin development? When did it make it into game? This section is for the major additions and changes to the game courtesy of the friendly (?) creator team.

Date Description Whodunnit
1997/11/28 Khot-lip-khin is opened to players. Klatch under Sin
1999/07/10 The Great Skills Cut Ceres
2000/11/? Quest XP removed from the game Ceres
 ? Bes Pelargic is put into playtesting CWC under Taffyd
2001/06/03 New ritual system enters the game Guilds under Sojan and Terano
2002/02/21 Bes Pelargic is opened to players CWC under Taffyd
2002/07/23 Playtesting domain remodelled and remoulded Drakkos
2002/08/03 The Great Skills Change (the Uberdowngrape): Ankh-Morpork was rewritten, a new combat system, skill-stat relationship changed, new craft tree, Sur terrains, many more Ceres, AM and many more
2003/03/16 Genua is put into playtesting Forn under Drakkos
2003/08/03 Warriors are split into multiple, politically-independent specialisations Trilogy
2004/02/08 Fighting Tree Change Ceres
2004/05/13 Updated versions of Slice, Razorback, Bad Ass, Mad Stoat and Lancre Town Ram under Sasquatch
2004/08/03 Worshipper rituals changed so as to vary between gods Guilds
2004/08/13 Genua is opened to players Forn under Drakkos
2008/12/21 The achievements system goes live Drakkos
2009/05/23 The "other" split - The other tree is split into "adventuring" and "people". Dasquian
2013/01/31 Ephebe is opened to players Klatch
2021/04/02 There are now horses that are rideable mounts Special

Notable Player Actions

Date Description Whodunnit
1993/03/01 Life created. LIFE
August 2001 The PK League is founded Cold & Pica
Forgotten date in 2002 The Great Rift Attempt! More than 30 wizards and 6 witches spent several hours outside the Mended Drum attempting to open a rift to the Dungeon Dimensions. Many legs were broken and many limbs lost in the attempt and the thaums at one stage reached 2600. Sadly the logs have been lost. Multiple
2007 Insanity uses his remaining days as an Ankh-Morpork Council Magistrate to place Assassin contracts on Non-Playerkillers and removes over $20,000 from the council coffers. Insanity

Notable Incidents

Date Description Whodunnit
 ? The Soxpiracy! Urrr...
 ? The Klatch Council formally claims jurisdiction over the entire Disc.  ?
 ? The Klatch Council takes control of all commercial properties in Djelibeybi.  ?
 ? The first great (organised) PK war. Carino
 ? The second great (organised) PK war. Carino
9/07/09 The Major Crash on the disc where everybody rolled back 10 days Great A'Tuin

Server History

The server history to 1997 was originally collated by Skypti. Original author unknown.

Date Host
1991/08/? peregrin.resmel.bhp.com.au 2000 ( 2000)
1992/03/? mesun2.wustl.edu 2000 ( 2000)
1992/05? ro.trincoll.edu 2000 ( 2000)
1992/09/? ro.trincoll.edu 2000 ( 2000)
1993/01/? cix.compulink.co.uk 4242 ( 4242) and tom.compulink.co.uk 4242 ( 4242)
1994/09/? im1.master.net.au 4242 ( 4242), discworld.master.net.au 4242
1995/11/? discworld.imaginary.com 4242 came into being.
1995/11/? nightmare.imaginary.com 4242 ( 4242)
1996/02/? athens.imaginary.com 4242 ( 4242)
1996/11/? athens.visi.com 4242 ( 4242)
1997/05/? atuin.icepack.com 4242 ( 4242)

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