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This page lists some popular MUD clients, and various tips and tricks that you can apply to them. This will help you play more effectively, and make the MUD a more pleasant place!


Here are two Triggers to display the amount of experience you earned after combat. In Zmud, click on Trigger and then select New.

Trigger 1

Where it says Pattern:, type <you prepare to attack>

In the box below where style says zMUD Script:, type:

#VAR XPbegin %mud.xp

now click on save.

Trigger 2

Where it says Pattern:, type <you bury>

In the box below where style says zMUD Script:, type:

#WA 2000
#VAR XPend %mud.xp
#VAR XPearn @XPearn
#MATH XPearn @XPend-@XPbegin
#SHOW %char( 10)%ansi( bold, yellow)*** You Earned: @XPearn EXP ***
#VAR XPbegin @XPearn

now click on save.


For general advice and help you can visit the MUSHclient forum here:

The Getting Started section on this page explains how to make alias, colour triggers and plugins.

NOTE: Please read the mud rules carefully! Not all things that MUSHclient is capable of are allowed on the Discworld mud.

Talker channels in a separate window

MUSHclient uses plugins to allow easy sharing of systems between users.

There is a channel capture plugin called Chat Window on Garrion's Plugin page:


Rapscallion is an ancient MUD client for Mac OS that few people use. But in case anyone is interested...

Talker channels in a separate window

To redirect all talker chats into a separate window, go to Configure Action Settings, and the Channel tab. Create a new Channel. Choose "Expert Matching". Set the "Trigger On" script to:

\(%s\) %s wisps:
\(%s\) %s wisps that 
--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------

You can customise this further, to have different talker channels redirected to different windows.

As a bonus, in the MUD you can create the following alias: "alias marker --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------". Then typing "marker" will put a line into the talker window, allowing you to see what you've read!

Character stats in the status bar

To get up-to-date character stats in your status bar, go to Configure Document Settings, and the General tab. Set the "Status Script" to:

HP: %1/%2  |  GP: %3/%4  |  XP %5

And set the "Status Bar Extractor" to:

You have %n \(%n\) hit points, %n \(%n\) guild points
Hp: %n\(%n\)  Gp: %n\(%n\)  Xp: %n
Hp: %n \(%n\) Gp: %n \(%n\) Xp: %n

This will update the status bar every time you do "score", "score brief", or use the combat monitor.