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Musical instruments Information
Type String
Tuneable Yes
Mallet Yes - Lyre plectrum
To play, must be... Held
Size 2' x 1.5'
Weight 4 lb
Material Wood
Other None


This classical lyre is a simple stringed instrument made out of a golden-coloured wood. It has a hollow body that acts as a sound resonator. Extending from this sound-chest are two raised hollow arms that curve both outwards and forward. They are connected near the top by a crossbar or yoke. An additional crossbar, fixed to the sound-chest, forms the bridge which transmits the vibrations of the strings. The strings (probably made of animal gut) are stretched between the yoke and bridge.

Where Found

Public Area

  • None





Bonus Range Message
146 With an obvious lack of skill, you play something that sounds like nails being dragged down a blackboard on your lyre.
146 You play a few clashing chords on your lyre.
189 You slowly play a few chords on your lyre.
193 You quickly play a discordant melody on your lyre.


Bonus Range Message
185 You strum the same chord monotonously on your lyre.
193 You strum the same chord over and over on your lyre.
185-193 You strum a few chords on your lyre.
193 You quickly strum a sequence of chords on your lyre.


Bonus Range Message
189-193 You perform an irritating solo on your lyre.


Bonus Range Message

Other Information