Lower Djel Trading Post

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The Lower Djel Trading Post is located a little west of Djelibeybi, along the road on the northern side of the river. The Klatchian Foreign Legion outpost is straight north of it.


The following NPCs are to be found at the Lower Djel Trading Post:

  • Jopp is the barman in the trading post pub.
  • Khat-khot is the shopkeeper in the trading post shop, which is a general shop.
  • Traffickers wander around the area, entering and leaving the building.
  • Traders peddle their wares in the square and visit the shop before leaving.
  • Kittens which wander around. WARNING: Killing these counts as killing cats in Djelibeybi and will be punished by being thrown to the crocodiles in Djelibeybi.


The traders that appear in the square bring with them stocks of various things.

You can deal with peddlers in the following way: (see also Discworld object help: peddler)

  • list goods from <trader/all>
  • browse <something/things> from <trader/all>
  • buy <thing> from <trader/all>'

The traders speak djelian which can be a problem when listing goods if you do not understand it enough. However if you do 'browse things from <trader>' you will see a line with all the goods offered before the items are presented.

You can see the type of things a trader is selling by their position, i.e. "an Ephebian trader is selling light weapons for your own protection", or as shown by the position line in their description before items, i.e. "She is selling light weapons for your own protection."

During the day a new trader comes into the square to sell goods about every 15 minutes (Roundworld), unless there's already 2 traders in the square, and roughly stay for about 30 minutes each.

There's no traders at night.

The traders have been seen to sell goods to the general store as they leave. These goods immediately appeared in the shop inventory. The traders can also buy things from the shop before leaving.


The following facilities can be found at the Lower Djel Trading Post: