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Long white wand
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 3/12 x 3/12
Material unidentifiable
Weight 1 6/9
Thaums/sec 4 stable / 5 talisman / 8 max
Hands 1
Commands zap
Melee type Mace
Judge data
No melee judge information

The long white wand aka Skjodor's wand is an artifact that can be zapped to deal elemental damage to the target.


You must attach a small crystal to it. The colour of the crystal will determine the type of attack the wand will use:

  • blue deals frost damage
  • yellow deals noxious gas damage
  • green deals acid damage
  • red deals fire damage

Long Description

You recognise the long white wand to be Skjodor's wand. This wand is about two and a half feet long and about an inch in diameter, except at one end that has a slight bulge. The bulge is like a cup, the interior of which is not like a bowl, but is shaped so that it would accept a small pyramid or octahedron. It gives off a steady octarine glow.

Appraises As

The long white wand is three inches long and three inches wide. It is made of some unidentifiable material and could be used as a weapon of type mace.


  • Hobliet the Unnecessary's Linear Tools Shop in the Magical Supplies Emporium on Sator Square in Ankh-Morpork.
  • The artifacts shop on Champion Way in the northeast of Bes Pelargic

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