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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains locations of safes (that can be cracked), the rewards they contain and the methods used to open them. Highlight to view the information.

See crack for how to gain access to the sweet, sweet valuables within.

Finding safes

  • Safes can be found by carefully studying the room description, and then looking at each addressable object in the room.
  • Room specific commands may be necessary to reveal the safe, for example: move painting.
  • The search command is rarely needed for safe-hunting.
  • Certain safes require additional cleverness to discover.

Regional notes

  • Agatea: Many safes here are quite interesting; for example, each climbing subskill is used (at least) once.
  • Genua: The safes in the family headquarters are visible but NPCs will attack.
  • Klatch: There are several safes in Djelibeybi, at least 1 in Ephebe, and at least 1 elsewhere in Klatch.
  • Ramtops: There are safes hidden across the various towns in the Ramtops, including Uberwald. The Escrow mayor is sometimes heard calling for Tuffy
  • Ankh-Morpork: Many safes are in plain sight, which is very uncommon in other regions.
    • Warning, taking things from safes in Ankh-Morpork is stealing and if you are not a thief on quota you will be heavied: you will be knocked unconscious with 1 hp and 1 gp left, and/or your money will be taken, and/or your entire inventory will be taken.


The following is a list of known safe locations.

  • Only general locations are provided, not specific instructions. It may still be difficult to locate the actual safe.
  • The covert.lockpick.safes bonus required to crack the safe is also given, if known. Note: in some cases, this is not the only skill required!
  • Lastly, it's a certainty that many safes have not yet been discovered. If you believe you've found one that is unrecorded, please contribute!
Location Hints Region Type Bonus Contents
Dwarven mine AM item: crowbar low 10 $
Store on Grunefair AM item: drill low metal bars for smithing
Flaming Cabbage AM item: fire low 10 $$
Shipwreck AM item: gloves low 20 $$
Sake shop BP combination low (req. some stuff
Intruders BP item: drill low coins
Underwater Fish Bar BP item: hammer low 7 rh
Guild of Embalmers DJB item: drill low seal
Clacks Tower Genua panel low cuffs
Foreign legion Klatch tumbler low canteen
Thieves Guild Ramtops item: crowbar low papers, quill, necklace
Drink spot in Ohulan Cutash Ramtops item: mirror low antique silver brooch
pottery AM item: crowbar <200 magazine
Patrician's Palace AM item: drill <200 10 $$
House on Myrtle St AM item: fire <200 10 $$
All Jolson's AM item: gloves <200 Booze (varies)
Bruno's house AM item: mirror <200 5 $, lockpick, licence
Pseudopolis watch house (first floor) AM item: mirror <200 7 $ in a tin mug
Cat's tail BP item: mirror <200 a cured eyeball
Real estate office BP item: mirror <200 boxing ring
Lodge in Lancre Ramtops item: hammer <200 2 LC
Store in Bad Ass Ramtops item: mirror <200 thread spools
Pseudopolis watch house (second floor) AM panel 55 $$
Dog God temple Ephebe combination collared jackal helm
Citadel Ephebe tumbler 30 $$
Horse money Genua item: drill coins
General's safe Genua panel key
guarded Genua panel jewellery
Library Genua panel stuff
Underground office (not under ground) Genua tumbler cash
Slippery Hollow manor Ramtops panel jewellery
Copperhead mines Ramtops tumbler 250 metal bars for smithing
Embassy DJB tumbler (req. some stuff
Patrician's Palace AM item: gloves >195 10 $$
Store on Long Street BP combination <350 (req. rock climbing) 63 rh
Post office AM combination 230 57 $, Postmaster hat
Iconograph shop BP tumbler >235 12 rh
Place on Park Lane Sto Lat item: crowbar 245 silver ring, 6 $$
Wine warehouse AM item: drill 250 bottle of scumble
Milords & Miladies AM item: hammer 250 box with 11 $$
Magical Supplies Emporium AM item: mirror >250 wands
Map shop AM panel >250 30 $$
Store on Queen's Road Sto Lat item: drill >250 20 $$
Place on Hill Street Sto Lat item: fire >250 wallet
penmanship AM tumbler >256 ink
A pagoda BP tumbler 300 crackers
Foreign Ambassador DJB combination 300 diorama
House in East DJB DJB item: fire 300 jar
House in Hong Fa BP panel >300 45 rh
Captain's treasure Ramtops panel >300 stuff
magical Genua tumbler >317 <335 bowl
Haunted Mansion AM item: drill 320 coins
fashionable BP combination >335 bonus inro
Cafe in Shoo-Li BP tumbler 330 (req. rope climbing) utensils
A restaurant BP panel 340 (req. tree climbing) 50 rh
Banker's Guild AM combination 345 84 $$
Money changer AM tumbler 350 coins
not on display Ramtops combination ~350 ring
Jewellery store Sto Lat panel 350 metal bars
Store on Sion Street BP tumbler 380 39 rh
Mansion DJB combination 380 sapphire-hilted sword
Fez Club DJB item: hammer 380 jewellery
House in Lancre Ramtops tumbler 385 10 LC
Apex Club AM item: gloves 386 stuff
AM Council AM tumbler 425 40 $$
Escrow town hall Uberwald combination 430 stuff
Art museum AM tumbler 450 stuff
The 'house money' Genua tumbler 450 1 Gd
First Imperial Bank BP combination 450 (req. many other skills) steel shoto


This is what is reported as being obtainable from safes. Don't highlight too far on the line if you don't want a location spoiler.

* Sapphire-hilted sword ... from a safe in ... Klatch ... Djelibeybi
* Steel Shoto ... from a safe in ... Counterweight Continent ... Bes Pelargic

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