Lion paws

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Lion paws
Armour information
Precise dimensions 9/12 x 4/12
Material klatchian steel
Weight 2 2/9
Thaums/sec 5 stable / 6 talisman / 10 max
Covers hands
Layer(s) gloves
To hit 6.7 %
Base AC
Vs sharp 1 - 3 terrible
Vs pierce 1 - 3 terrible
Vs blunt 1 - 3 terrible
AC enchanted up to 50% (5 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 7 - 10 terrible
Vs blunt 7 - 10 terrible
Vs pierce 7 - 10 terrible
AC enchanted up to 65% (6 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 8 - 11 terrible
Vs blunt 8 - 11 terrible
Vs pierce 8 - 11 terrible
AC enchanted to max (10 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 12 - 16 terrible
Vs blunt 12 - 16 terrible
Vs pierce 12 - 16 terrible

Long Description

This is a pair of huge lion paws, which appear to have been fashioned into fingerless gloves. On the back of the paws strange symbols have been painted onto the tawny fur.

Appraises As

The pair of lion paws is about nine inches long and four inches wide. It is made of klatchian steel and could be worn as armour.

The claws may be operated using "extend claws" and "retract claws."


Completing the quest "Djelian Warrior Champion" yields these as a reward item.


Lion paws, when worn with claws extended, can greatly increase the damage inflicted by a player using unarmed combat. They will also protect the hands (but again, only when the claws are extended).

Lion paws are not considered weapons (contraband) by Imperial guards in Bes Pelargic, even when the claws are extended.