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Leatherwork is a command which allows you to attempt to improve the condition of a leather item in your inventory, usually armour, clothing, or a wearable container.

Leather clothing and containers can also be mended using a heavy-duty needle and strong sinew thread.

Command Details

The leatherwork command requires 10 levels of crafts.materials to learn, and is usually taught by other players or some guild NPCs. It can also be learnt from the tanner in the Triangle Market in Genua, or the Plaza of Broken Moons in Ankh-Morpork.
Each leatherworking attempt usually costs 35 craft GP and requires you to be in a tannery or leathergoods shop.
Each leatherwork attempt will cost some money, usually not much. This amount can vary between locations, and is influenced by the leatherworker's skills and the condition of the item / amount of improvement, and other factors.

Your bonus in crafts.materials.leatherworking determines your success and how much the condition of the item is improved. Attempting to leatherwork a severely damaged item with low skills may result in destroying the item.

Skills Used

crafts.materials.leatherworking (success and effectiveness of leatherworking)

Help File (help leatherwork)

leatherwork                  Discworld command help                  leatherwork

     leatherwork - Allows the fixing of leather goods.                          
     leatherwork <object>                                                       
     leatherwork cost <object> 
      This command allows you to patch up leather goods when you are in a       
     tannery.  Depending on the extent of damage, simple sewing may succeed
     in fixing it, or the leather may have to be tanned, cut and sewed into
     place, which will, of course, be rather more expensive.  It takes up
     35 guild points on average, but this may be affected by the quality of
     tools provided in the tannery where you do the repairs. 
     > leatherwork socks
     You sew up all the holes in the pair of chamois socks, bringing it to      
     top condition. The thread and sinew costs you 3p. 
See also
     fix, repair, condition