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Command information
GP Cost 35
Learnt At 10 crafts.materials
Skills Used crafts.materials.leatherwork or crafts.materials.needlework
Items Needed None
Guild Available to all

Leatherwork is a crafts command which allows a player to attempt to improve the condition of a leather item in their inventory, usually armour, clothing, or a wearable container.

Leather clothing and containers can also be sewed using a heavy-duty needle and strong sinew thread.


The leatherwork command requires 10 levels of crafts.materials to learn, and is usually taught by other players or some guild NPCs. It can also be learnt from the tanner in the Triangle Market in Genua, or the Plaza of Broken Moons in Ankh-Morpork.


Each leatherworking attempt costs 35 crafts GP and requires the player to be in a tannery. Each leatherwork attempt costs some money, usually not much. This amount can vary between locations, and is influenced by the leatherworker's skills and the condition of the item / amount of improvement.

The player's bonus in crafts.materials.leatherwork determines their success and how much the condition of the item is improved. Attempting to leatherwork a severely damaged item with low skills may result in the item being destroyed. Leather items that have only minor damage will require crafts.materials.needlework instead of leatherworking.

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