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Everything you can wear can be attributed to a layer, a sort of virtual slot where you can fit a certain number of items.

Every time you try to wear an item but can't because you are wearing another item, these two items are in the same slot. Most layers can only fit one item, but some slots can contain more.

Such worn items can be armours, scabbards, clothing, containers or jewellery.

Items that are held like weapons and shields or just carried can also be said to be in a layer of their own. The primary purpose of those special layers is not to describe what individual items fit in but rather to specify how many items they can contain, what type of items can be held, etc.

The layer names are arbitrary, usually named for some items within it or their purpose. This means that the name of an item might not always match the layer slot that it actually fits in - for example, a chainmail miniskirt actually fits in the suspender-belt slot since it conflicts with those items, not the miniskirt slot. Also, some pieces of armour or clothing occupy multiple slots, such as the offler-headed mask, which counts as both a helm and a mask.

Each layer covers particular parts (or zones) of your body, or none at all. You can find out which zones a given items covers with the coverage command. When you're hit in combat in a particular zone, items covering it will be damaged.

List of Layers

For type: if there's any armour it's Armour. If there's only jewellery it's Jewellery. Otherwise it's Clothing.

Wearable things are worn in specific layers on the body. You can wear:

Name Max worn Coverage
(Body parts covered)
Nb of
body parts
Type Includes
apron 1 abdomen chest 2 Clothing aprons, Nicolette: aprons, overskirts, pinafores, smocks
anklet 2 0 Jewellery anklets, ankle scabbards (what exact items are those? can't find any)
armband 2 arms 1 Clothing armbands, armband pouches, oversleeves, wrist sheaths (covers nothing), wristbands (covers nothing)
armoured-jacket 1 arms back chest 3 Armour Grflx scale, Hexagonally-linked kikko, jackets that are armour
back 2 back chest 2 Clothing (back containers): backpacks, packs, carpetbags, carryalls, bags, sea bags, duffel bags, satchels, bookbags, rucksacks, knapsacks, baskets, wings, non-container sashes, small canteens, beige canteens, back scabbards, Nicolette: sashes, cummerbunds, Pam Dunthrive: colourful lace shawl
backplate 1 back 1 Armour some combination armours, Ug Ogg: backplates
bandana 1 hair head 2 Clothing big clothing shop ears, black silk bandana Nicolette: bandanas
bandolier 1 back chest 2 Armour bandoliers, tabards, Ug Ogg: bikini tops, halters, and brassieres
belly-stone 1 0 Jewellery belly stones, navel studs, belly chains
belt 2 0 Clothing belts, belt loops, sword scabbards
boots 1 feet 1 Armour boots, sandals, shoes
bra 1 chest 1 Clothing bras, brassieres, bikini tops, corsets, halters, halter tops, sari (also underskirt)
bracelet 4 0 Clothing bracelets, bangles, pin cushions, forearm sheaths, soft fluffy ball
bracers 1 arms 1 Armour bracers, vambraces, wristlets
breastplate 1 abdomen chest 2 Armour breastplates, some combination armours
brooch 15 0 Jewellery brooches, badges, family crests, cravat pins
cape 1 back 1 Clothing some capes
cardigan 1 arms back chest 3 Clothing Pam Dunthrive: cardigans
cloak 1 abdomen arms back chest legs 5 Clothing cloaks, trenchcoats, greatcoat, burnous, longcoat, Stephan: capes, Nicolette: coats
coif 1 hair head neck 3 Armour coifs
collar 1 neck 1 Armour collars, chokers, bevors, neckirons, gorgets, Nicolette: cravats
cuirass 1 abdomen back chest 3 Armour cuirasses
earmuffs 1 hair head neck 3 Clothing Stephan: earmuffs
earring 2 0 Jewellery single earrings, pairs of earrings
eyebrow-pin 2 0 Jewellery eyebrow pins, eyebrow barbells
gloves 1 hands 1 Armours gloves, gauntlets, mittens, knuckle-dusters, Pam Dunthrive dolls (sock puppets)
goggles 1 eyes 1 Clothing goggles, eyepatches
greaves 1 legs 1 Armour greaves
hair-clip 1 0 Clothing clips, some hairclips, some ribbons, headbands[1], beer helmet
hairpin[2] 1 0 Jewellery hairpins
hat 1 hair head 2 Clothing hats, caps, turbans, tricorns, guttrahs, some hairclips, smelly bandana, fluffy earmuffs, amusing earmuffs, bonnet
hauberk 1 abdomen arms back chest legs 5 Armour hauberks
helm 1 hair head 2 Armour helms, helmets
(hood) 1 hair head 2 Clothing Items with their hood currently pulled. Cowls and some cloaks / robes / dresses have a hood, shown in their description. Only one hood can be pulled at the same time.
jacket 1 arms back chest 3 Clothing jackets, coats, doublets, Nicolette: jerkins
kimono 1 abdomen arms back chest legs 5 Clothing kimonos, dresses, gowns, lab coats, kirtles, ankle-length chitons, Cosmopilite: nightdresses, Nicolette: floor-length, ankle-length, and calf-length dresses
leggings 1 abdomen legs 2 Armour leggings, pants, trousers, breeches, hosen, jumpsuits (also shirt), shimmering fish scale bodysuit (also shirt)
lip-ring 1 0 Jewellery lip rings, labrets, lip studs
mask 1 eyes face 1 Armour masks, some helms/helmets[3]
miniskirt 1 abdomen legs 2 Armour short leather miniskirt, grass skirt
mouth 1 0 Clothing fake beard, vampire fangs
necklace 5 0 Clothing necklaces, neck pouches, amulets, medallions, pendants, lockets, necklets, torcs, blackened canteen, rambler's canteen
nipple-ring 2 0 Jewellery nipple rings, nipple pins, nippleshields
nose-ring 2 0 Jewellery nose rings, nose studs
pouched-belt 1 0 Clothing pouched belts
ribbon 1 0 Jewellery some ribbons, other ribbons are hair clip
ring 8 0 Jewellery rings, thimbles
robe 1 abdomen arms back chest legs 5 Clothing robes, himations, bathrobes, over-robes, thobes, togas, smocks, towels, Cosmopilite: dressing gowns, Nicolette: floor-length, ankle-length, and calf-length robes
sash 1 0 Clothing container sashes, sturdy leather belt with pouches
scarf 1 neck 1 Clothing scarves, stoles, ties, Moonlit Market cravats, cowl (when its hood is pulled it also covers hair & head - only one hood can be pulled at the same time)
shirt 2 arms back chest 3 Armour shirts, blouses, tunics, chainmail t-shirt, jumpsuits (also leggings), shimmering fish scale bodysuit (also leggings)
side 2 0 Clothing dagger/knife scabbards, some sword scabbards, penholders, brush case
short-dress 1 abdomen back chest 3 Clothing knees or mid-thigh chitons Nicolette: thigh-length and knee-length dresses, gowns, kirtles, and lab coats
shoulder 2 chest 1 Clothing shoulder pouches, crowbar holster (covers nothing)
skirt 1 abdomen legs 2 Armour skirts, kilts, Nicolette: miniskirts, underskirts
socks 1 feet 1 Armour socks, Nicolette: socks, stockings
stockings 1 feet legs 2 Armour black armoured stockings, knee socks, Nathan: catsuits (also underwear, undershirt)
suspender-belt 1 abdomen 1 Armour suspender belts, protectives, some miniskirts
tail ≥9 0 Clothing big clothing shop tails
thigh 2 0 Clothing black silk garter, lacy black garters, witchy garter, ruffled kaiken garter, Gebra knife sheaths, oiled leather thigh holster, oiled leather thigh sheath, black leather thigh sheath
toe-ring 8 0 Jewellery toe rings
tool-belt 1 0 Clothing tool belts, utility belts
undershirt 1 back chest 2 Armour undershirts, Nicolette: camisoles, chemises, nightdresses, partlets, Nathan: catsuits (also underwear, stockings)
underskirt 1 abdomen legs 2 Armour Ug Ogg: padded underskirt, sari (also bra)
underwear 1 abdomen 1 Armour underwear, panties, boxers, bikini bottoms, smuggler's lingerie, loincloth, Nathan: catsuits (also undershirt, stockings)
waistcoat 1 back chest 2 Armour waistcoats, bodices, vests
Name Max worn Coverage
(Body parts covered)
Nb of
body parts
Type Includes

Note that you can only have up to 50 items in your immediate inventory (worn, held, or carried), so it's not actually possible to have every slot entirely full.

  1. Headbands cover the head.
  2. This doesn't take up the same slot as a hair clip.
  3. Only while the visor is lowered.

Some scabbards to check:

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