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Lanterns may be purchased (or shoplifted) from various shops. They may be filled with lamp oil (usually purchased from the same place) using the command "refuel".

Item Help File

lanterns Discworld player help lanterns


lanterns - For you to bring light, where there was once darkness


light <lantern>
extinguish <lantern>
dowse <lantern>
refuel <lantern> with <lamp oil>


Torches (or lanterns) are one of the few necessities (along with the obligatory fluffy towel) needed on those long adventures to desecrate evil temples... or other dark spots. Most places that require the attention of your standard adventuring party tend to be dark, you know.
Although a brightly burning torch may look the part, many adventurers prefer lanterns, as refuelling can be rather handy when you're lost in a deep dark mine or temple.


> light lantern
> extinguish lantern
> dowse lantern
> refuel lantern with lamp oil in bottle

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> syntax refuel
Forms of syntax available for the command 'refuel':
refuel <object> from <vessel>
refuel <object> with <oil>
A sad farmer moves into the marketplace from the west.
> refuel lantern with lamp oil in bottle
You refuel the lantern with some of the lamp oil in the medium sized smoked brown bottle

Spell Component

This is a component to the wizard spell Turnwhistle's Effulgent Autiridescence