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There are five main languages on the Disc:

Each of these is split into Spoken and Written.

All characters begin with the maximum (100) in both spoken and written forms of the language of the nationality they have chosen to start with. To gain any skill in another language a player must go to one of the many language schools and enroll in lessons. These will only give a basic understanding of a language and to develop their skills further a player must listen to and read a language.

There are also two guild specific languages:

  • Wizard's Spells
  • Thieves' Cant

Wizard's Spells is used primarily for spellbooks in the various magical libraries. It can also be used by wizards for writing in.

Thieves' Cant is used primarily for the generally unreadable part of theft receipts, and to sign between certain thieves' guild NPCs and guild members. It can also be used to sign between player members of the guild.

Other languages that exist, but are not generally used by players include:

  • Dwarvish
  • Gnomish
  • Common
  • Grunt
  • Krullian

Dwarvish and Gnomish can be understood through the use of certain rituals.

Update: Dwarven is no longer recognised by certain rituals since recent language changes. Performing certain rituals and then typing "languages" produces these possibilities: ephebian,djelian,uberwaldean,brindisian,morporkian, gnomish, komic, agatean ,dwarfish.

Grunt can be used for speaking but not writing.

Common is no longer used, articles marked (written, embroidered or engraved) in common may be translated at a shop on Upper Broadway in Ankh Morpork.