Lancre Town

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Lancre Town is one of the largest settlements in the Ramtops, and gives its name to the surrounding Lancre kingdom.


Nearby to the northwest of Lancre Town is Mad Stoat. Surrounding the town is the Lancre Gorge.

Language and currency

The language in Lancre Town is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is the Lancre crown.


Currently no player council governs Lancre Town, or regulates its player houses and shops.


  • At the northern end of the town is the town square, which contains most of the town's commerce and facilities.
  • At the southern end of the town is Lancre Castle, which is currently closed.
  • Woodland paths connect the two larger areas, with player housing scattered along them.


The Lancre Kingdom carriage stops in the town square.

The Intercontinental Express carriage stops in the town square.


All property in the Ramtops is handled from the real estate stall on the town square.

The following conditions apply to real estate in the Ramtops:

  • Players with property elsewhere are ineligible to bid on types of property that they already own.
  • Property cannot be shared with those ineligible to bid, as above.
  • Players cannot bid on more than one property at a time.

Player housing

Player housing is scattered throughout Lancre Town.

Player shops

There is a single player shop, located northwards from the northeastern corner of the town square.


The following facilities can be found in Lancre Town:

  • The Lancrastian Farmers' Cooperative Bank is on the eastern side of the town square.
  • Jason Ogg's forge serves as a smithy, and is found at the southeastern side of the town square.
  • The real estate stall for the Ramtops region is located at the southwestern side of the town square.
  • There is a wood workshop at the southeastern side of the town square.
  • Mrs. Deacon's Beauty Parlour, to the southwest of the town square, provides players with custom hairstyles.
  • The general store also serves as a post office.
  • The following bulletin boards are available:


Witches' Guild

The following are of relevance to witches in Lancre Town:

Warriors' Guild

Lancre Town houses the base of operations for the Lancre Highland Regiment, located to the east of the town square.


The following shops can be found in Lancre Town:

Town square
  • Bestiality Carter's Bakery is on the northern side.
  • Obidiah Carpenter's Tailor Shoppe is east from the northeastern corner, and sells mostly undergarments.
  • Nora Bodgett's Majjik stall is on the western side.
  • A feed merchant on the eastern side sells feed for various animals.
  • Mr Quarney's general store is to the southwest.
  • The Goat and Bush Tavern serves alcohol, on the southern side of the square.


General NPCs

The following general NPCs may be found wandering the streets:

  • Various animals, including frogs, bears, badger cubs and spring chickens.
  • Mathers and children.
  • Subjects and denizens.
  • Residents and lodgers.
  • Burghers, townsmen and townswomen.
  • Rustics.
  • Hucksters, who sell some items.
  • Woodcutters.

Wandering unique NPCs

The following unique NPCs can be found on the streets of Lancre Town:

  • Burberry Carpetsmith - supplies carpets and floor furnishings.
  • Gloriette Pamfletta - sells carved wooden trinkets.

Unique NPC houses

The following unique NPC houses are in Lancre Town:

  • The Tockley family, whose most famous member is Lucy (also known as 'Diamanda').
  • The Nitt family, whose most famous member is Agnes. Agnes herself, however, now lives in her cottage in Mad Stoat.
  • Shawn and Jason Ogg's houses are on the western side of the square. Jason himself can be found in the smithy.
  • Brother Turbil can be found in the lodging house, on the southeastern side of the town square.

Other points of interest

  • A set of crampons can be found in the abandoned shack in the woodland trails.