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The lamp is an item available from the T-shop for &&&&&&&&&+400000 A$1000, or the cultural equivalent based on the shop's location. It summons a genie from whom you can wish for a number of rare items.

It looks like:

This is a battered old brass lamp. It smells faintly of oil.


The command rub lamp summons a genie who will follow you from room to room no matter your mode of transport. The genie will grant one wish for an item before disappearing.

The genie summoned speaks in Djelian. It does not require any Djelian spoken levels for the genie to understand you.

You have one wish for an item. Not all items on the Disc are available from the genie but all the t-shop items, including iron gauntlets, can be wished for.

You can not wish for a quest item you have not done the quest for, such as the scythe or the lion paws. The genie does not know about some items - like the Dictionary of Cussing.

Say go back in the lamp will dispel the genie.

You may have to summon the genie a few times for him to be in the 'correct' mood in order to grant your wish.

The genie 'remembers' previous wishes. The amount of previously granted wishes are displayed upon the successful asking of an item (the question prompt), before the item is given to a player.

The first wish is free. However, with 1 previous wish, the granting cost is &&&&&&&&&+320000 DjToon 1600.


rub lamp
There is a whooshing of vapour.
Blue smoke is pouring from your lamp!
A genie appears with a bang, and says: Did ya miss me?
The genie peers around looking for someone.
The genie spots you.
The genie pursues you.
The genie asks in Djelian with a Djelian accent: phin ghot pat... not not mit-calh-yih bibh-khin-lat yih?
say I wish for Iron Gauntlets
You say: I wish for Iron Gauntlets [in Agatean]
The genie says in Djelian with a Djelian accent: yih-bibh mit-bil ghot phin-yih nut-rip-fin, calh lam-lat phin-whit-bibh.
The genie whispers: Are you sure you want a strength gauntlets? (y or yes)

The genie conjures up a strength gauntlets and gives it to you.
The genie smiles.
The genie says in Djelian with a Djelian accent: sat.
You are unburdened (26%) by:
Wearing : a black backpack, a pair of tabi, a pair of natural wood geta with indigo thongs, a pair of black silk zubon, a white drill, a brown cotton belt, a leather gorget, a pair of leather vambraces, a pair of suneate, a black metal medallion, a golden lemur, a glossy black saya and a hard leather cap.
(under) : a fundoshi, a white cotton tunic and a leather undershirt.
Carrying: a pair of iron gauntlets and a lamp.
Your purse contains only moths.
The genie fades from view.