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L-space is a space that connects all libraries.

Entry points

The following places have entry points to L-space:

  • The library of Unseen University has a fixed gap through which L-space may be entered. There are also strange distortions in space which are placed unpredictably throughout the library--going through one of these will also take you to L-space. Entering the stationary gap will get you into l-space next to another gap.

So, to enter L-space from the entrance of Unseen University Library through gap or distortion, you should go


From the first room of the L-space Bubble that you reach by "wander alleys":


will put you in the approximate area where gaps can be found.

  • The library in Genua has a gap upstairs (you need to push the crate out of the way to get at it, and you need to pass an adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling skillcheck to get in. A bonus of 130 should be enough.).
  • The library of the Academy of Artificers has a gap (library; <third exit>; <first exit>; <fourth exit>;<first exit>).
  • The library in the temple of Patina in Ephebe has a gap (climb up in the room with stepladders, has a low adventuring.movement.climbing.rock skillcheck).
  • The citadel library in Ephebe has a gap (enter alley).

L-space itself

While not particularly dangerous, l-space is easy to get lost in and can be difficult to find your way out of without resorting to the godmother.

Spells may not be cast here, and rituals may not be performed here.

L-space has a high level of background magic--enough that you can get unusual results from flipping coins.


Adventurous (or careless) individuals can use l-space for long-distance travel.

If you enter one of the gaps in Unseen University, the Artificers' Academy, or the Institute of Illusory Learning, there will be a gap out of l-space immediately. This immediate gap leads to random location. However persistent gaps in the libraries seem to lead to fixed locations (until L-Space rearranges). However, if you enter through some other way, there may not be, and you'll have to look around for one.

As l-space uses relative exits instead of the more usual north/south/east/west exits, has rooms with changing descriptions, and has strange and twisty dimensions that make mapping it impractical at best, finding a gap if can be rather difficult. (Note also that the gaps can come and go (even as you move through l-space), making mapping fairly pointless.) An incomplete map can be viewed here. (You may need to zoom out or paste it into an editor with word wrap disabled.)

One piece of advice is to always take the last exit (unless it's a backwards exit)--however, this doesn't always work and can in fact get you into a loop. To see if you're in a loop, just drop something (such as a penny) in the room, keep going, and see if you find it again. If you've moved forward more than four times then you are in a loop.

Considering the moving (or possibly disappearing and reappearing) gaps, it may not really matter where you go.

Exit points

Entering a gap in l-space will take you to a random library--either the one you started in, or a different one. You can end up:

  • In the UU library, at the south edge.
  • In the Genua library, in the room with the gap.
  • In the Sto Lat library, in the aisles.
  • In the Bes Pelargic library, at the top of some stairs (the room is grey and marked "start" on Sekiri's map).
  • In the IIL library, at the gap.

One route out of the BP library from the room in it that L-space leads to is:


To get out of the Sto Lat library from the room in it that L-space leads to, take:

  • the only exit, the only exit, the only exit, the second exit, the second exit, the second exit, entrance.

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