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Armour information
Precise dimensions 6/12 x 2/12
Material iron
Weight 1 1/9
Thaums/sec 3 stable / 4 talisman / 7 max
Covers hands
Layer(s) gloves
 To hit Chance of hitting the areas covered by this armour when not focusing on anything in a fight between a human-sized attacker and a human defender.  6.7 %
Base AC
Vs sharp 1 - 3 terrible
Vs pierce 1 - 3 terrible
Vs blunt 1 - 3 terrible
AC enchanted up to 50% (3 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 4 - 7 terrible
Vs blunt 4 - 7 terrible
Vs pierce 4 - 7 terrible
AC enchanted up to 65% (4 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 6 - 9 terrible
Vs blunt 6 - 9 terrible
Vs pierce 6 - 9 terrible
AC enchanted to max (7 thaums/sec)
Vs sharp 9 - 13 terrible
Vs blunt 9 - 13 terrible
Vs pierce 9 - 13 terrible

Long Description

This is a set of knuckle-dusters. They are made out of iron and would really pack some power into your punch when worn, even though it would certainly be difficult holding things while wearing them.

Appraises As

The pair of knuckle-dusters is about six inches long and a couple of inches wide. It is made of iron and could be worn as armour.

Effects on Unarmed Combat

Thought to protect hands and increase damage in unarmed combat.   research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

This item is NOT compatible with the wizard spell Old Bellicus' Brazen Knuckles. You cannot cast the spell with them on, and you cannot wear them while under its effects.

Be aware, that all your melee skills (dagger, sword,...) are significantly reduced while you wear the knuckle-dusters!


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