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On April 10, 2011 the Klein bottles were completely changed.

Klein bottles are multidimensionally twisted containers in which matter cannot enter. You can use them to capture escaped spells.


Klein bottles are involuntarily made by George as shown below.

When made, a Klein bottle is a magical talisman which needs to be bonded by a witch to the user so it can be held.

You can then catch energies with the bonded (closed) Klein bottle and a blue funnel.

Once filled with enough energies they become stat items while held.

  • When filled with 2 spheres (each of 50 headspace) of misc spells, it gives +1 of intelligence while the bottle is held.
  • When filled with 2 spheres (each of 60 headspace) of offensive spells, it gives +1 of intelligence while the bottle is held.
  • When filled with 5 spheres (each of 50 headspace) of misc spells, it gives +2 of intelligence while the bottle is held.
  • When filled with 5 spheres (each of 60 headspace) of offensive spells, it gives +2 of intelligence while the bottle is held.

The Klein bottle weighs 4/9 lb.

Spell containment

To catch escaped spells, you need to hold a (closed) klein bottle and you must be armed with a blue funnel, which is a weapon of type misc.

You can capture at least 8 spheres of energy of escaped spells in the same Klein bottle.

It is unknown if you can mix different colours and even if there are different colours.

It has been hinted that Klein bottles filled with energy forms might be used as energy source or component in future spells.

The following needs retesting.research

If you open a klein bottle containing escaped spells one will all escape into the room and attack you and the others will dissipate. If there are other escaped spells in the room they will join in the attack.

Filled klein bottles used to be a light source but that was removed.

Thrown filled bottles sometimes explode in a fireball but this doesn't seem to deal any damage.

How to get one

At the glassblower George on Cunning Artificers in Ankh-Morpork a bit west of Short Street.

The bottles cost $2.50 and the colour chosen seems to be irrelevant to the final product.

You need to raise the backgroun thaums to about 50-60 before requesting a bottle, which will drain some thaums from the room. If you are a witch or wizard George should give it to you.

The Klein bottle weighs 4/9 lb.

If you're not a magic user then ?research

request bottle made from violet glass
You hand some coins to George.
George retrieves a glass bulb from the box.

George gets to work blowing the glass bulb into a bottle.
George puts the bulb into a metal container.
George puts the container in the furnace.
George waits until the bulb is molten glass.
George dips a metal tube into the container.
George removes the container from the furnace and allows it to cool a little.
George says: I make and sell all kinds of bottles and other glassware.  Please read the sign for prices.
George pulls the tube and the glass bulb from the container, but something doesn't look quite right.
George holds the tube into the furnace and blows till his cheeks turn red.
George forms a big bulbous shape at the end of the tube which distorts the space around it like a fishbowl lens!
George works the tube into the shape of a bottle.  All the while it twists and pulls the fabric of the world into itself!
George waits for the bottle to cool.

George looks at the bottle thoughtfully.
George says: It's the magic that does it, messes around with stuff.
George says: But I guess you'd know more about that than me, being one of them witches.
George asks: It's not exactly what you ordered but maybe you could find a good use for it?
George exclaims: Nothing wrong with my bottles, despite what they say!
George says: Anyway, like the sign says, "No Refunds!", so you might as well.
George exclaims: I'd be very careful with it though, looks extremely fragile!

l bottle

This is a mind-bendingly paradoxical Klein bottle which has the revolutionary property of not being able
to hold anything at all on account of having no volume.  A student discovered the ingeniously intricate shape at
the back of a lecture theatre, as he was trying to make a paper giraffe out of thaumic funnel paper.  This one,
however, has been skilfully blown from glass.
It has the hazy octarine sparkle of a magical talisman.
It is in excellent condition.
It is open.

Opening filled bottles


Probably nothing good.

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