Klatchian monkey python

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Creature Tanning Info
Klatchian monkey python
Creature information
Group Type I Reptile
Group Type II Serpentes
Aggressive No
Pursues No
Special Harvest None
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Klatchian monkey python
Creature information
Skin Type Skin
Size 6" x 1"
Weight (fresh) 100 lbs
Weight (tanned) Template:Details Needed


Adjectives (i.e., "green" or "fluffy") not included

  • Klatchian Monkey Python


  • Klatch - Jungle, Forest


Descriptions are example(s) from a single individual. Variations may be numerous, and dependent upon species, gender, age, location, and other variables.

Klatchian Monkey Python

A Klatchian monkey python is draped over a low branch and two small blue lights are zipping about. The python is at least twice the length of a human, with a broad, heavy body that would be almost impossible to lift. Its soft, diamond-scaled skin is mottled with an intricate pattern of dark grey and yellowish green, making it difficult to see in the dappled light under the trees.

  • Alignment: Neutral


  • No special uses

Special Notes

  • This Discworld species does not have a direct Roundworld analogue. However, pythons in the wild are known to eat monkeys, among any other thing they can catch (and squeeze).
  • The size discrepancy of the skin may be a bug.


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