Klatchian Foreign Legion

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In-Game Helpfile

Klatchian Foreign Legion

The Klatchian Foreign Legion is a special force set up by Klatch to defend its vague desert borders against predatory neighbours and the D'regs, a nomadic desert tribe. The Legion accepts recruits from any country and is known as a refuge for the disgraced, the fugitive and the lovelorn.

It is said that people join the Klatchian Foreign Legion to forget everything (except sand) and this seems to work, because no one in the Klatchian Foreign Legion can remember why they are there. Or their name. Or their Rank. The Klatchian Foreign Legion has a famed drinking and marching song, which goes "Er...".

The base camp of the Klatchian Foreign Legion is located in the Tsortean Desert, approximately 85 miles northwest of Djelibeybi.


The guildhouse is located in the Tsortean Desert northwest of Djelibeybi, and contains the usual guild facilities, including a mess tent, smithy, bulletin board for the Warriors' Guild, and a weapon shop. An NPC by the name of Private Inside Leg runs the weapon shop, and also sells custom knives and daggers.

Sleeping tent

This area doubles as a hospital, and you can practice your firstaid skills here (presumably using crafts.medicine.firstaid). The syntax for this is:

treat {sunburn|graze|wound} on {legionnaire|soldier|recruit}

Custom knives

As is usual, you start an order by saying something about an order. There are several options to choose from, but as Private Inside Leg is quite forgetful, the options you choose may not bear any relation to what you actually get. The cost is also unpredictable (and unrelated to what he tells you when you order), and can be as much as &&&&&&&&&&+60256 DjToon 301.28 (or possibly more) or as little as &&&&&&&&&&&+2474 DjToon 12.37 (or possibly less).

It's possible to get:



With adventuring.direction as a primary, Foreign Legionnaires will have an easier time navigating the Shades, Medina, and similar locations.