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Klatchian is mainly spoken by players at present, as there are few npcs who speak it.

Learning it

It can be learned from the DJB language school; though those learning it will need high levels of Djelian to start with. It is recommended that those learning Klatchian achieve 90 levels in written and spoken Djelian at least by the 2nd lesson of Klatchian, as it is necessary to understand the teacher's request and read the book provided to find the answers.

TMing it

There are a few places where one can TM spoken Klatchian. One of this is the Grflx caves in Skund Forest and the other is at the water sprite caves in the Ramtops. Both of these places are considered dangerous as they are inhabited by strong auto-attacking monsters. The entrance of the water sprite caves is safe, however, all the other rooms might be inhabited by auto-attacking sprites.

Occasionally, there are also player groups formed for the purpose of TM-ing the Klatchian language. To find these groups, type the command "groups".

There are also a very few npcs who speak it:

  • the Klatchian teacher in the Language Institute
  • two guards outside the Klatchian Embassy on Speedwell Street in Ankh
  • Notserp, who wanders around Ankh-Morpork