Kipperwald's Perlustration Prevention

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Kipperwald's Perlustration Prevention
Spell information
Nickname kpp
Guild Wizards
Type Defensive
Description Prevent scrying in a room.
GP cost 65
Mind space 15
Thaums 3
Components eye (consumed)
It requires the focus of an octogram.
Tome Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Everything

Kipperwald's Perlustration Prevention (abbreviated KPP) is a defensive wizard spell that prevents scrying into a room.



Spellcheck results
150 175 200 225 250 275 300 325 350 375 400

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


Casting messages

You think about giant eyes gazing upon you.  With an evil grin, you squish the eyeball you are holding.
You think about scrying, spying and watching.
You feel the magical potential of the room, judging how to block spies.
The Eye! The Horrible Eye!!!

Hallucinations seem a common effect of failure.

You toss the eye into the centre of the octogram where it is consumed in a flash of octarine light.
The octogram flares in a bright green for a few seconds and the smell of sulphur fills the air.
To others
Wizard drools a little.
Wizard squints menacingly.
Wizard sniffs the air gently, swaying from side to side.


Scrying any npc or character in the room with crystal ball results in

Something near your target is magically protecting them from magical scrying. 

Scrying the same with Floron's Fabulous Mirror fails with message

The silver mirror goes cloudy, then returns to normal suddenly, looking somehow offended.

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