Kelleflump's Irritating Demon

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Kelleflump's Irritating Demon
Spell information
Nickname kid
Guild Wizards
Type Offensive
Description Summons a possessing demon into a target.
GP cost 30
Mind space 20
Thaums 4
Components knife, twisted black amulet (optional, degrades)
Tome My Firste Demon-Summoning Booke! By Beatrix Faust

Kelleflump's Irritating Demon (abbreviated as KID) is a offensive spell that summons forth an imp to assist you in your endeavours.


This spell costs 30 GP to cast and takes up 20 units of mind space.


Spellcheck results
100 115 130 145 160 175 190 205 220 235 250

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


Useful items

Black amulets only protect against damage from the demon AFTER a successful cast and are not a required component any more (blog ).

The damage they can still absorb is proportional to their octarine level. You can wear two amulets to have the second one absorb damage when the first one fails.

Damage from a spell failure is NOT buffered by the black amulet, so beware if you are weak in the methods!


You move your knife in an arcane gesture, slashing open the boundary between
this dimension and the One Beneath.
Intoning a long string of ugly-sounding words that scratch and tear at your
throat, you place the Mark of Unearthly Perdition on the suave thief's brow.
You reach into the rip between the dimensions, and drag a small black demon
into this reality between thumb and forefinger.
You reach out to the demon while it flies towards the suave thief, all claws
and warts and wide-open jaws, and establish a connection with its foul
unearthly mind in order to share its delight in your victim's pain.


The suave thief stiffens and then contorts in terror.


The tiny demon does an about-face and marches towards you for a tasty treat.
Oh no!  Something invades your mind!

You repeatedly get damage with messages

You screech: I love dead people.  Often.
Your head slowly rotates around in a full circle.

or similar.

The effect vanishes with

The evil spirit slowly seeps out of you.

Damage is moderately high - 300 hp with 107 ma.sp.of bonus.

Had a failure backfire hit for over 1700 hp at 325 ma.sp.of bonus!

To others

Festive Elorf Mctak slashes at the air with a knife, leaving behind an ominous-looking rip.
Festive Elorf Mctak drones a string of words that no earthly throat should be able to pronounce.
Festive Elorf Mctak pulls a small black demon out of the rip in the air, and flicks it at a suave thief.
Festive Elorf Mctak stares in sick fascination at the demon as it flies towards a suave thief.
The suave thief stiffens and then contorts in terror.

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