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God information
Deity Juf, God of Papyrus
Finger The cobra-headed God of Papyrus is most often associated with studious pursuits, due to both his unblinking stare and the frequent use of papyrus as a writing medium. His followers frequently emulate Him, devoting most of their waking hours to the study of His texts and folding sheets of paper into odd shapes. Some of the most fanatic of His followers wear hoods constantly to mimic His cobra aspect, and possess a reputation for being fast to strike if they are disturbed in their studies.

He currently can't be worshipped.

Areas Djelibeybi
Priests' Alignment min: +6 good

max: +6 good

Major Shield wrapped in scrolls of papyrus
Holy symbol a small globe
References Ug Ogg's custom armour symbol, lapis lazuli penholder (scabbard)
Finger Finger information on Juf (login required)