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Judge is a command which can be used to gain an idea of how much damage a weapon is capable of doing. It can also be used to compare two weapons to see which is better. It costs 25 GP to judge a single weapon, and 50 GP to compare two weapons against each other.

Judge has recently been significantly changed ; research is needed to determine its new properties.

Command information
GP Cost 25 to judge one weapon
50 to compare two weapons
Learnt At 5 ad.ev.we
Skills Used adventuring.evaluating.weapons
Items Needed None
Guild Available to all


Judge provides the following information about a weapon:

  • The special attacks that can be used with it. Note that only the special attacks known to the player doing the judging will be revealed, however, some can be figured out through correlation.
    • If it has pierce, it will have impale.
    • If it has slice or chop, it will have behead.
    • If it has smash, it will have crush.
    • If it is a two handed weapon that does any sort of blunt or sharp damage, it will have wildswing.
    • If it is a sharp sword, it will have iai.
  • An overall assessment of how good the weapon is.
  • (If applicable) An overall assessment of how much damage the weapon does when thrown.
  • How easy the weapon is to use (chance to hit)
  • How easy the weapon is to parry with.
  • The speed of the weapon.
  • A rough assessment of the weapon's maximum damage.
  • A rough assessment of the weapon's average damage.

The accuracy of the results is dependent on both the player's ad.ev.we bonus and their fi.me.x bonus in the appropriate weapon class. With sufficiently high bonuses, a player can get fully accurate results.

However, the results may vary from player depending on their strength stat, at least. For instance, if a player has a strength of 19, a custom katana will judge rather easy to attack with. With a strength of 21, gained with strength gauntlets, a custom katana will judge very easy to attack with. Strength is known to affect ease of attack and/or parrying capability. It is possible that it affects other values of the weapon and that other stats may do different things as well but so far nothing has been found.


The difficulty of judging a weapon appears to increase with 'better' weapons; a failed judge will provide vague and random quality information, and indicate that the player is 'not sure' about the result. Judge probably tests against ad.ev.we to determine success or failure.

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