Journey of the Heavenly Storm Dragon

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Journey of the Heavenly Storm Dragon
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Offensive
GP cost 100
Mind space 75
Thaums 15
Components a lit torch (consumed), a staff
Tome Heavenly Arts

Journey of the Heavenly Storm Dragon (abbreviated as JHSD) is a offensive spell that summons a serpent to attack one or more targets. It can only be cast outside.


This spell costs 100 GP to cast and takes up 75 units of mind space.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


Casting messages


You spit into the air.
You think of dragon's breath as you blow forcefully into the air, whistling a strange melodic dirge.
You strike the end of your staff solidly into the ground, setting it humming with power.
With your mind in focus, you sling the torch into the sky and meditate on all the summoned elements.
You swing your charged staff towards your unknowing target.


A crackling blue serpent arrives from above, and flies toward the <target> in a flash of fury.


A humming red serpent arrives from above, spins around you and flies off again ignoring the <target> totally.

Note: Failing to control the serpent will result in it turning on the unfortunate caster.

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To others

Geryon Womblesworth spits into the air.
Geryon Womblesworth presses his lips together and starts whistling a strange melodic dirge to the sky above.
Geryon Womblesworth pummels his staff solidly into the ground.
Geryon Womblesworth slings a torch into the sky and gazes into the heavens intently.
Geryon Womblesworth swings his staff at the torch as it falls.
A crackling blue serpent arrives from above, nods at Geryon Womblesworth and flies towards the <target> in a flash of fury.

Degrees of success

The serpent can do varying degrees of damage.

  • The serpent bites the <target> and red ribbons stream from every part of his body.
  • The serpent passes completely through the <target>. A hole smokes where a torso used to be!

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