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* [[Broomstick]]
* [[Broomstick]]
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* [[No-portal zone]]
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* [[Divine Hand]]
==Related achievements==
==Related achievements==

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Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 100
Mind space unknown
Thaums unknown
Components blorple
Tome unknown

Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel is a miscellaneous spell that creates a magical one-way portal to another place. It costs 100 gp to cast.



A blorple, either jewellery (usually not consumed) or a stone (usually consumed). Jewellery may be damaged by repeated use--the amount of damage varies and can be a lot or a little. More expensive jewellery is harder to damage.


You prepare to cast Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel on the gold ring.
You start to sketch a door in the air with the mahogany staff.
The lines you sketched in the air start to glow a red colour.
A strange green smell escapes from the forming door and slowly wisps its way around the room.
You can see the door starting to materialise and try to ignore the small figures looking eagerly at the opening.
You start dancing wildly around the door throwing power and moonbeams at it in the hope of scaring off the creatures.

If you're not holding anything, you sketch a door in the air with "your finger" instead.


A mysterious oak door solidifies with a satisfying thump.

There are several different types of doors that can show up--crystal, fur, etc. The type appears to be random.

Failures and partial failures

Casting may result in one or more of the following:

  • A misportal. This is a portal that goes, not to the location on the blorple, but to a random player.
  • A burning door. This will cost HP to open, push, or enter.
  • A rumbling door. Tthe rumbling is not immediately visible--it rumbles when opened. These explode when entered, costing HP.
  • A wobbling door. These act as though they've been pushed--they can be entered as usual, but they'll disappear fairly quickly.

Because of the misportal issue, it's advisable to always "look enter door" before entering the door.

Getting rid of doors

A door will disappear on its own eventually. However, you can also "push", "shove", or "kick", or "push" it with your staff, it to make it start wobbling and disappear much more quickly.

> push door with staff
You focus your mind on the innate bond between a Wizard and her staff, and wrap a magical shield around it to protect it from the flames.  Extending it smartly, you give the mysterious oak door a solid shove in the midsection.
The mysterious oak door wobbles alarmingly.
The mysterious oak door wobbles alarmingly.
The mysterious oak door wobbles alarmingly.
The mysterious oak door falls!
The portal disappears with a small clap of thunder.

See also

Related achievements

There are several Exploration achievements for misportaling:

  • Misguided (10 times)
  • Frequent Misflyer (100 times)
  • Random Tourist (500 times)
  • Mystery Traveller (25000 times)
  • Unexpected Guest (10000 times)

There are also several Lucky achievements for being the target of a misportal:

  • Unexpected Company (1 time)
  • So We Meet Again (2 times in a row to or from the same person)
  • We Must Stop Meeting Like This (3 times in a row to or from the same person)
  • Random Tour Guide (100 times)
  • Misportal Magnet (500 times)

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