Intelligence tea

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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about teas also known as potions.
Intelligence tea
Potion information
Other names Int tea
Effect Temporarily increases intelligence.
Brewed yes
Glance syrupy, green potion
Look This is a syrupy, green potion, about seven ounces.
sage ... owl feather (not consumed)
(highlight to see)


  • Upon drinking intelligence tea, the drinker's intelligence stat is raised by one point.
  • Best to drink a lot of it all at once because a small amount will just make the penalty kick in without benefits, like drinking the unbrewed tea.
  • The intelligence increase lasts longer with a higher brewing bonus.
  • Drinking more int tea makes it last longer too.
  • Once the tea wears off, the drinker will immediately suffer a penalty of -1 to their intelligence stat.
  • At a 315 bonus the benefits (+1 int) lasted 10 minutes and the penalty (-1 int) lasted between 3 and 5 minutes.
  • It is possible to extend the duration of the tea by drinking more tea. When you drink again it determines the new end time as if it started again at that time. However, the time the penalty stays seem to be half of the time between the drinking message and the message at the end of the bonus.
  • You can counteract the penalty... by drinking more int tea. The new bonus cancels the penalty until the penalty expires, then you get the bonus until it expires again, then the penalty again.
  • The int boost from the tea may be stacked with other stat effects without penalty.


When you drink it you see:

You feel more intelligent!

When the bonus expires you see the message:

You no longer feel quite so intelligent.  In fact, you feel a bit slower on the uptake than when you started.

When the penalty expires you see the message:

You feel that your mental acuity has returned to normal.


Ingredient 1:

It has been used to ward off evil.
It has hairy leaves.
Something that grows and sounds intelligent, at least in another language.
What's a word to say wise in french?

Ingredient 2:

An ingredient is from an animal that is deemed wise.
There is a way to get what you need without killing anything, though you may have to travel and get a swing fixed.
Look around Granny's cottage to see the animal.
Did you visit the farm in Scrogden?
It needs to pass its wisdom to the other ingredients.
Try mixing it up!


Found in Mars' atmosphere.


1. grind sage (ground sage)
2. mix ground sage with water (grey-green tea)
3. stir cup with owl feather (teal green potion)
4. brew (syrupy, green potion)