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Ink wells can be purchased at various locations. Inks can be used to write with, in marbling, and to stain crafted wooden items.

Scented ink may not be used to stain or marble.

List of known inks (incomplete)

All colours appear to randomly show up in the shops that sell random colours, but some are also always, or often, available at specific shops.

Ink name Shade Commonly available at Notes
agate green green
alice blue blue
amethyst purple
antique brass metallic
aqua blue
aqua pearl blue
aquamarine blue
aquashell white greyscale
ash blue blue
aspen green green
auburn brown
Auriental red red
avocado green green
azure blue
baby's breath pink red
battlefield crimson red Addlemeyer's
beachwood white greyscale
bear claw brown brown
bisque brown
black greyscale Quirm Road stationer's shop, school shop, post office, Ninja guild, Batchev's, Addlemeyer's, tannery, Felicity Avenue Stationers
blackberry cream purple
bleached parchment white greyscale
blood red red
blue blue Quirm Road stationer's shop, Ninja guild, specialty ink stall, Felicity Avenue Stationers
blue ebony blue
blue lagoon blue
blue moss blue
blue tundra blue
blue whisper blue
blue-violet purple
blueberry frost blue
blushing lavender purple
bone white greyscale
brick red red
Brindisi orange orange
bronze metallic hunters'
brown brown Ninja guild, specialty ink stall
buttercup yellow yellow
butterscotch yellow yellow
cabbage green green
cadet blue blue
cameo mauve purple
candy apple red red
carnelian red red
cat grey greyscale
celadon green
celery green green
cerulean blue blue
champagne white greyscale
charcoal grey greyscale
chartreuse green
cherry red red
cherrystone brown brown
chestnut brown brown
chocolate brown brown
clearlake blue blue Addlemeyer's
cloud white greyscale
cloudy grey greyscale Addlemeyer's
cobalt blue Ninja guild
coffee bean brown brown
copper metallic hunters', Addlemeyer's
copper flecked brown brown Addlemeyer's flecked
coral reef pink red
cornflower blue blue
cornsilk yellow
cotton candy pink pink
crimson red
crystal blue blue
cyan blue Ninja guild
daffodil yellow yellow
dark blue blue tannery
dark brown brown
dark chocolate brown
dark green green hunters'
dark grey greyscale hunters'
dark lavender purple
dark rose red
dawn's light rose red
deep blue blue
deep purple purple
desert bloom
dolphin grey greyscale
dove grey greyscale
dried blood brown brown Addlemeyer's
dusty rose red
emerald green green Quirm Road stationer's shop, hunters'
emerald green
firebrick red red
firelight red red
forest green green hunters'
frosty blue blue
fuschia purple
galaxy black black
garden gate green green
gay scarlet red
Genuan violet purple
ghost white greyscale
gingerbread man brown brown
glass block blue blue
gleaming silver metallic
Gloomy Forest green green
gold flecked blue blue flecked
gold flecked crimson red flecked
gold flecked green green flecked
golden yellow yellow
goldenrod yellow
gonne metal grey greyscale
gossamer greyscale
green green Ninja guild, Addlemeyer's
green-yellow green
grey greyscale Ninja guild
harvest gold yellow
heather-coloured green Addlemeyer's
hemlock green green
heron blue blue
Hogswatch tree green green
ice blue blue
ice grey greyscale
ice white greyscale
iced orchid
imperial teal green
indigo blue
innocent blush red
iris purple purple Addlemeyer's
ivory greyscale
ivy green green
jade green
khaki brown
kitten whiskers white greyscale Addlemeyer's
Klatchian coffee brown brown
lace white greyscale
Lancre green green hunters'
lavender blush purple
lavender purple
leaf green green hunters'
lemon meringue yellow
lemon twist yellow Addlemeyer's
lemon yellow yellow
lilac purple
lilac purple purple
lime mist green Addlemeyer's
linen greyscale
magenta red
maroon red
melonade orange orange Addlemeyer's
midnight blue blue
misty mint green green
mocha brown
moody purple purple
moonless night black greyscale
moonstone white greyscale
moss green green Addlemeyer's
mystic mauve purple
old lace white greyscale
olive branch green green
orange orange Ninja guild
orchid mist purple
pale blue blue
pale gold metallic
pale lavender purple
pale lilac purple
pale mauve purple
pale moon blue blue
pale pink red
pale star white greyscale
passionate plum purple
peach puff orange
peach white greyscale
pearl grey greyscale
pebblestone grey greyscale
peridot green green
periwinkle blue blue
pewter metallic
pine green green
pink red Ninja guild
platinum metallic
poisonous purple purple
poppy red red
powder blue blue
prose purple purple
pumpkin orange orange
pure natural white greyscale
purple purple Ninja guild, tannery, Felicity Avenue Stationers
purple haze purple
raindrop grey greyscale Addlemeyer's
Ramtop grey greyscale
raspberry puree pink red
red red Quirm Road stationer's shop, Ninja guild, tannery, Felicity Avenue Stationers
red bronze metallic
redwood brown brown
robin's egg blue blue
rose petal pink red
rose gold metallic
rose red red
royal blue blue
ruddy copper metallic
saddleback brown brown
sage green green Addlemeyer's
salmon egg orange orange
sapphire blue blue
scarlet red
sea green green Addlemeyer's
sea gull grey greyscale Addlemeyer's
sea mist blue blue
seafoam green green Addlemeyer's
seadrift green green Addlemeyer's
seafrost green green
seamstress pink red Addlemeyer's
sepia brown Addlemeyer's
silvery grey greyscale
silver flecked black greyscale Addlemeyer's flecked
sky blue blue
slate grey greyscale
snow fox grey greyscale
snowflake white greyscale
sparkly pink red
sparkly silver metallic
speedwell blue blue Toomer Stationers ($90) (also shows up randomly)
spicy mustard yellow yellow Addlemeyer's
spring green green
Sto Helit lace black greyscale
summer days yellow yellow
sun kissed yellow yellow
sun silk yellow yellow
sungold yellow Addlemeyer's
sunlight yellow yellow tannery
sunset orange orange
tan brown
tapestry green green
tombstone grey greyscale
tulip pink red
victorian lace white greyscale
verdigris green
violet purple Ninja guild
warm gold metallic
warm honey gold metallic
water lily white greyscale
whale grey greyscale
white greyscale
white onyx greyscale
wild rose pink red
wild thyme green Addlemeyer's
wisteria purple purple
witchhazel green green
yellow yellow Ninja guild

Scented inks

Scented inks are only available from the specialty ink stall in the Djelibeybi bazaar (which has a rotating stock). They can be used to write with, but cannot be used for staining or marbling.

Some of the scents are:

  • amber
  • anise
  • apricot
  • cat urine
  • camel dung
  • cardamom
  • clove
  • coffee
  • fennel
  • guava
  • jasmine
  • juniper
  • Klatchian rose
  • milk and honey
  • mint
  • ocean
  • orange
  • passion fruit
  • peanut butter
  • plum
  • pomelo
  • raspberry
  • rosemary
  • spring rain
  • sweetgrass
  • tea rose
  • thyme
  • vomit
  • yarrow


Ink is sold in several locations. Unless otherwise noted, the colours available are random, and rotate within their slots.

Addlemeyer's Ecclesiastical Curiosity Shop, on Grunefair in Ankh-Morpork has a rotating stock of seven different groups of colours: (clearlake blue, cloudy grey, raindrop grey), (iris purple, sungold), (wild thyme, moss green, copper flecked brown, heather-coloured), (black, green, sepia), (sea green, sea gull grey, seadrift green, seafoam green), (lime mist, melonade orange, copper, lemon twist, spicy mustard yellow, kitten whiskers white, seamstress pink), and (battlefield crimson, dried blood brown, silver flecked black). If you buy one of a particular group you may uncover a different ink from that group.

A tannery on Phedre Road in Ankh-Morpork has a fixed stock of dark blue, purple, sunlight yellow, red, and black.

Toomer Stationers on Scoone Avenue in Ankh-Morpork sells random inks for &&&&&&&&&&&&+500 $1.25, as well as speedwell blue ink in crystal ink wells for $90.

Salter Rhogain's Legibles in the Magic Emporium on Sator Square in Ankh-Morpork sells random inks.

Batchev's World of Maps on Ankh Street in Ankh-Morpork sells black ink.

A specialty ink stall in the Djelibeybi bazaar seems to be the only place to get scented ink (though it also sells the other kind). Unlike most of the other shops, you cannot usually "uncover" a different colour of ink by buying one (although if you buy several from the same slot you may find another colour). The first two inks seem to always be brown and blue.

A papyrus stall in the Djelibeybi bazaar sells random inks.

The post office in Djelibeybi sells black ink.

Academy Legibles in the Academy of Artificers in Sto Lat sells random inks.

A corner shop on Rimwards Road in Sto Lat sells random inks.

A stationer's shop on Quirm Road in Sto Lat sells red, emerald green, blue, black, and one random ink.

The Dragon Emporium on Queen's Road in Sto Lat sometimes sells ink in a &&&&&&&&&&+20000 $50 well.

The Lancre Hunters' Trader in the Hunters' guild outpost near Ohulan Cutash sells copper, dark grey, Lancre green, dark green, leaf green, bronze, emerald green, and forest green. (This works like the shops with random colours, just with a smaller selection.)

Felicity Avenue Stationers in Genua sells purple, red, blue, and black ink.

A calligrapher's shop on Diamond Place in Bes Pelargic sells random ink.

A school shop on Rhinu Road in Bes Pelargic sells black ink.

The craft room of the Ninja guild has a fixed stock of red, pink, crimson, orange, brown, yellow, green, cobalt, cyan, blue, purple, violet, grey, and black.