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Command information
GP Cost 100
Learnt At Varies between specialisations
Skills Used covert.items.weapons (except chop)
covert.stealth.** (chop)
fighting.range.{thrown|fired} (ranged/musical)
fighting.melee.dagger (stab)
fighting.melee.sword (behead)
fighting.unarmed.grappling (garrot)
fighting.unarmed.striking (chop)
Items Needed Weapons that allow inhumes
Guild Assassin Guilds

Inhume is an assassin-only command used to close contracts. When it is learned depends on the assassin specialisation. Whether a weapon is usable for an inhumation can be found through use of the judge command.


inhume <sucker> with <weapon>
inhume <sucker> by performing with <instrument>

inhume <sucker> by stabbing with <weapon> - for assassins
inhume <sucker> by beheading with <weapon> - for hashishim
inhume <sucker> by garroting with <weapon> - for mano rossa
inhume <sucker> with ninja chop - for ninja

Learnt at

The inhume command isn't learnt at a specific level but it does vary between the specialisations. A Ninja will learn inhume when they pass the Chunin Test. A Mano Rossa will learn it once they have taken the Oath. A Hashishim can learn it after they pass the 7th initiation test. An AM Assassin will learn it once they have completed the Run.

Types of inhume

There are three major types of inhume: ranged inhume, musical inhume and special inhume.

A ranged inhume can be performed by any assassin who has learnt the command inhume. It requires you to to use a ranged weapon, which is fired or thrown, and uses the relevant range skill. A ranged inhume is the one of two types of inhume that has the possibility for you to remain anonymous.

A musical inhume is similar to a ranged inhume except it uses a special type of lethal musical instrument which is bought from the Kompt de Yoyo. A musical inhume uses a range skill (dependent on the instrument) and the relevant musical skillresearch. A musical inhume may allow you to remain anonymous should you pass the hiding skillcheckresearch. There is an achievement for performing this type of inhume.

A special inhume is a type of inhume that is unique to each specialisation. The Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins stab their victims in the back, the Mano Rossa garrot their victims, the Hashishim behead their victims and the Ninja chop their victims. Each uses a different skill (fighting.melee.dagger for stab, fighting.unarmed.grappling for garrot, fighting.melee.sword for behead and fighting.unarmed.striking for chop) and can only be used by members of that specialisation.

Vetinari inhume

A vetinari inhume isn't possible to purposely execute. It occurs when you expertly pass every skillcheckresearch and is reminiscent of Vetinari's inhume of Lord Winder in Night Watch. It varies between specialisations but the unique thing to this type of inhume is that you are scaring your victims to death. There is an achievement for performing this type of inhume.