Imperial Guard

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To protect the interests and the citizens of the Agatean Empire's only Sea Port, the Sun Emperor created a legion of crack warriors known as the Imperial Guard. These skilled, fierce and determined troops patrol the walled city of Bes Pelargic ready to stomp on the fingers of the terminally inquisitive and to reinforce the belief that to be a citizen in the Agatean Empire is to be the most fortunate of mortals.


The impressive training facilities and headquarters of the Imperial Guard are located inside the grand entrance hall of the Imperial Palace. This shining example of the graceful style and incredible wealth of the Empire is located on the east side of Bes Pelargic, at the northeast end of, fittingly, Palace Approach.

Playing Style

The Imperial Guard is a very combat-focussed guild. It is a good guild for Numberchasers and players who are interested in fighting with swords, polearms, maces and flails in heavy armour.

As well, Imperial Guards are good grapplers who are able to fend off thieves trying to snatch their weapons and can also climb rocks and mountains. Their fighting.range.fired primary skill also means that they will be good with crossbows.



  • Imperial Guards are exempt from having to carry a weapons permit on their person.
  • There is no newbie chest for the Imperial Guard, members of the Imperial Guard are recommended to use the Samurai's newbie chest or that of other Warriors.