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Command information
GP Cost 35/40/45
Learnt At 150 of fighting.special.weapon
Skills Used Fighting.special.weapon and Fighting.melee for the weapon used
Items Needed A piercing weapon that allows impale
Guild Warriors

Impale is a warrior-only command that is used mid combat. Whether a weapon is capable of impaling can be found through use of the judge command.

Pages that link to this page: mostly weapons that this command can be used with.


Impale can be learned at 150 levels of fighting.special.weapon from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


impale <target> with <weapon>
impale <target> <random|guts|legs|head|back|neck|hands|feet|arms|side> with <weapon>
impale compare <zone 1> with zone 2>

Target zones

Damage, preparation difficulty, launch difficulty and guild point cost will depend on the zone targeted. From weakest to most damaging the target zones and associated guild point cost are:

35gp hands|feet
35gp legs
35gp arms
35gp side
40gp neck
45gp guts|back
45gp head

Generally the launch difficulty is constant and the preparation difficulty scales with damage but there are two exceptions where:

It is more damaging to impale someone in the guts than in the neck, but easier to prepare.
It is less damaging to impale someone in the back than in the head, but harder to prepare, but easier to launch.

Note that targeting the neck costs fewer guild points than targeting the guts, and that targeting the back is hardest of all to prepare but makes the impale easier to launch.

Impale messages

If a successful impale kills the target, a special message may be displayed.

  • You skewer the <victim's> <body part> with your <weapon>, causing several jets of blood to spray out, covering the area in a fine red mist. In another medium, this might qualify as abstract art.
  • As you drive your <weapon> into the <victim's> <body part> and yank it free, the wound spurts blood relentlessly, draining <his/her/its> last drops of life. Clean-up on aisle <number>.
  • As you skewer <him/her/it>, the <victim> struggles against your <weapon> briefly, until gravity catches up to <him/her/it>, dragging <him/her/it> to the ground and off the weapon.
  • You fatally impale the <victim> on your <weapon>, <his/her/its> lifeblood gushing from the wound as you withdraw your weapon.
  • You shove your <weapon> right through the <victim's> <body part>, the bloodied weapon bursting messily out the other side.
  • You bury your <weapon> in the <victim's> <body part>, then pull it free with a pop like a cork escaping a bottle of champagne. However, instead of bubbly, a tide of gore erupts. Cheers.
  • You impale the <victim's> <body part> with your <weapon>, twisting it inside <him/her> before yanking it free. Un-skewered, <his/her> corpse slumps to the ground.
  • You launch a powerful attack with your <weapon>. The <victim> staggers around, trying desperately to plug the hole in <his/her/its> <body part>. Maybe in <his/her/its> next life, <he/she/it>'ll make sure that <he/she/it> knows where <his/her/its> towel is.
  • You launch a powerful attack with your <weapon>. The <victim> attempts to say some last words as your <weapon> drives through <his/her/its> <body part>: Gurgle, gurgle, aaargh.
  • You sheath your <weapon> in the <victim>'s eye. As <he/she/it> falls to the ground, you withdraw the weapon, wiping it clean before looking around for another opponent.
  • <His/Her/Its> <body part> pierced by your <weapon>, the <victim> hops around briefly. Cradling <his/her/its> bleeding extremity, <he/she/it> falls over, <his/her/its> screams ending as <he/she/it> collapses to the ground.
  • You launch a powerful attack with one of your <weapon>. The <victim> attempts to say some last words as your fine sabre drives through <his/sher/its> head: Tell my wife's lover that I...
  • You launch a powerful attack with one of your <weapon>. For a moment, you and the <victim> stare at each other, before the <victim> collapses, a gaping hole in <his/sher/its> torso.
  • You run one of your fine sabres right through the <victim>, and <he/she/it> stands, bleeding profusely, for a few seconds before collapsing lifelessly.
  • You plunge one of your <weapon> into the <victim>. As it is withdrawn, <he/she/it> examines the place where <his/her/its> <body part> used to be before slumping over lifelessly.
  • As the <victim> is impaled on your <weapon>, <his/her/its> innards burst from <his/her/its> body like grisly fireworks. At least <he/she/it> made an impression on the way out.

Impaling Trolls may sometimes result in a troll-specific message research

  • Your <weapon> travels halfway through the <troll> before getting stuck in the stone. the <troll> looks triumphant, but only for a moment before <he/she/it> cracks into <number of> pieces.
  • Managing to find a crack in the <victim's> skin, you plunge your <weapon> right into <him/her>, fatally wounding <him/her>.

As seems to also be the case with trees research

  • You drive your <weapon> into the large pine's trunk. The bark around it splinters and snaps. The large pine freezes for a moment, looking far less animate as it dies.

Related achievements

Impaling achievements belong to the warriors category.

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