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Hypothermia is a disease players suffer from if they stay too cold for too long.

Catching hypothermia

Players catch hypothermia by being in a sufficiently cold environment (after taking into account the warmth of their clothing) for a long enough time.

The rate of progression of hypothermia is proportional to the difference in the player's current warmth and the 'comfortable temperature' - so the less warming clothing a player is wearing and the colder the environment, the faster the disease progresses.


  • Initially, the only effect of hypothermia is to make the player shiver.
  • After a while, the player will suffer periodic stat drops (-1 constitution and -1 strength), occuring approximately once every four minutes.
  • Eventually, the player will suffer death if remaining in a state of hypothermia for too long.

Curing hypothermia

Hypothermia is cured within 20 seconds of entering a sufficiently warm room.

Disease progression

You can tell how far the disease has progressed by looking at the victim:

  1. <Player> looks a bit cold - shivering only.
  2. <Player> looks rather cold - shivering only.
  3. <Player> looks very cold - shivering, stat drops set in half-way through this stage.
  4. <Player> appears to be suffering from extreme hypothermia - shivering, stat drops.
  5. <Player> looks close to death from hypothermia - shivering, stat drops, danger.
  6. Death