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The House Games is a competitive event traditionally held annually in the Guild of Assassins where the six Houses compete against each other in a series of unique games. Usually held over a single weekend, individuals earn points for their House, as award by the House Games Organiser, which are totaled at the end of the event.


The Games are hosted over a weekend, traditionally beginning with the Quiz on Friday evening and ending with Secret 'Sassin on Sunday evening. The featured games will vary between each House Games as the order and selected events are decided by the House Games Organiser. Games will often be a mixture between coded and player-run games.

Each game offers points for completing tasks which are either awarded to individuals or to a house depending on the format of the game; however, all points are counted towards the total of the House. The winning House is the House with the most points at the end of the event. Points scored in the game are often converted into House Points, used to win the House Trophy, which is awarded at the end of each year.


The House Games were created in their official, coded capacity in 2002 when the role of House Games Organiser and the House Trophy was created to encourage participation and team spirit. Games were organised in an unofficial capacity before this, however.

Traditional Games

The Quiz

The Quiz is traditionally the first game to open up the House Games and will often the only game to be held on a Friday in the evening (GMT). It will usually consist of three rounds which the House Games Organiser will decide prior to the event. The questions will be asked live over the ConlegiumSicariorum talker channel, to which members of any House respond with an answer, prefixed by their house name.

(ConlegiumSicariorum) Organiser wisps: What is the main ingredient in bloat poison?
(ConlegiumSicariorum) RavenContestant wisps: (Ravens) Blowfish.

Sometimes the organiser will create a round or a single question that only House Masters can answer, though members may confer on their House's club channel.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide and Seek

The Pendu Illuminated Manuscript

The Inhumation Challenge

Capture the Flag

Using the coded game in the Beezing Monastry, south of Ankh-Morpork, Houses will create teams and follow the coded system to win the game. Points are usually awarded based on the ranking order that the game decides at the end of each round. Multiple rounds can be held if houses have an extremely large amount of members who wish to participate, and scores will be added together at the end of the event.

Secret 'Sassin

Based on the popular roundworld game of Secret Santa, using randomly selected pieces of paper with names written on as targets, Assassins must hide around the town of Ohulan Cutash in the Ramtops and attempt to hunt and kill their target whilst remaining alive and hidden from their own. Once a target has been killed, the victor must take the paper from the deceased and use that as their newest target. The game ends when there is only one Assassin left alive.

Complications often arise when one or more Assassins have their own name or a member of their own House as their target. An attempt to remedy this is often made by the Organiser, but can prove to be difficult, resulting in the game being halted for a period whilst names are reshuffled.

Fox and Hounds

The original idea was conceived in November 2010 by Llylia, the House Mistress at the time, but wouldn't be seen until June 2012 when it was featured in Aell's House Games.

One House nominates a player to be the fox while everyone else becomes a hound. Hounds must hunt down the foxes of the other Houses whilst ensuring their own fox remains alive. An eliminated fox can become a hound upon resurrection. Hounds may kill foxes and hounds, and foxes may kill hounds if attacked, however foxes cannot kill each other.

Points are awarded for eliminating foxes and for keeping your fox alive.