Horse armours

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Horses may wear certain kinds of armour. Since horses have different bodies from humans, they use different layers and their body parts have different to hit % chances.


Armour Weight Material Sharp vurdere Pierce vurdere Blunt vurdere To hit (%) Coverage
Iron crinet 6 6/9 iron good good good unknown hair neck
Iron crupper 13 3/9 iron good good good unknown back
Iron flanchards 4 4/9 iron good good good unknown abdomen
Iron horseshoes 1 7/9 iron poor poor poor unknown feet hands
Iron peytral 8 8/9 iron good good good unknown chest
Iron shaffron 6 6/9 iron good good good unknown face


With the exception of iron horseshoes, horse armor comes in various styles. Styles include:

  • damascene
  • darkened
  • filigreed
  • gilded
  • gleaming
  • gothic
  • horned
  • inlaid
  • lightweight
  • old-fashioned
  • ornate
  • reinforced
  • riveted
  • spiked
  • streamlined
  • tempered
  • winged